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If you have a stellium (more than three factors) in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart, then your lifestyle, wellbeing and workload will be reshaped from Monday 16th August until Thursday 16th September. If you missed The Virgo Weather event on Meetups recently (organised by the V.A.A.) then this feature is for you. If you attended but want more details, or missed out on having your question answered, this feature is also for you.

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Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in Virgo
What is the Virgo Weather in 2021? An unusually high incidence of planets travelling in Virgo, the sign ruling work and health. The Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars will plug into your chart for a few days. Important patterns result, with Uranus and Pluto, the ‘change’ factors in the horoscope. So, your chances of a really important work or lifestyle, health or wellbeing change skyrocket, 16th August to 16th September.

I would say this even if you were not going through this pandemic. Virgo weather, Virgo climate or Virgo transits have been associated with major endings and beginnings for your employment situation, body and daily routine – for centuries.

The Virgo Weather and You

The average person has up to three planets, asteroids, nodes or angles in Virgo. If you have more than three, you’re unusually Virgo. Your zodiac sign (Sun Sign) may or may not be Virgo too, but you ‘live’ in the Sixth House.

The Sixth House

This is where you work, and also do the housework. It is also where you might study full-time and so do homework. Voluntary work also falls in the Sixth House. It’s about how you use the 24 hours in every day. Eight each for sleep, work or play.

You have to be fit and well to put others first and perform your duty, so the Sixth House is also where we find doctors, dentists, nurses, surgeons, healers, therapists, counsellors and so on. The Sixth House covers complementary medicine as well as the ambulance.

diana polekhina PAPtFityM2Q unsplash 300x187 - The Virgo Weather 2021

Do You Have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo?

If you have Uranus and/or Pluto in Virgo, in particular, at 6, 9, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24 degrees, then August-September 2021 will be life-changing for you. A new way of working and looking after yourself will begin to take hold at this time. You obviously stitched together a response to the pandemic in 2020 and/or 2021. You may have changed it a couple of times, but now this is a really strong chance to restart. With more details taken care of. With greater help from ‘chance’ events or ‘random’ support. Yet, the astrology says none of this is by chance at all. It’s in the cycles of time. So, if you’re strongly Virgo, it really is time.

Your Lifestyle Relaunch

No matter what you have in Virgo (and it may be anything from your Ascendant to Apollo) you inhabit the Sixth House on a regular basis, so when we begin to see transiting Mercury, Mars, the Sun and New Moon take up residency, it’s rather like being called to spend more time and energy in that house.

You have twelve houses in your astrological chart, which is rather like owning a circular property or estate – maybe a ranch. Dotted around the place, are the houses. Some of them are packed, some of them may be empty.

Your Sixth House is entirely devoted to your mental health (anxiety, depression, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder and so on – being the common colds of mental health). It is also very much about chronic conditions, but also – in 2021 – COVID-19.

More happily this is where we find you practising yoga; taking Pilates classes; meditating; walking; wild swimming; cycling. This is where we find you trying mindfulness, counselling, self-help, hypnosis and so on.

The Dates to Use in 2021

These dates below, give or take a day, are useful on the path. If we call the New Moon in Virgo, the new beginning – around September 6th or 7th, depending on your country – then this is the road that takes you there.

It’s an obstacle course with some very big breaks and advantages. You’ll find the journey towards a new way of working and looking after yourself, full of easy slopes and rope ladders too. This reflects the aspects (or patterns) we are seeing on these dates. It’s a real mixture of very demanding days and some fantastically simple options that you’ll find irresistible.

It might be that you give up smoking or sugar, for example, and find it tough – until you happen to come across exactly the right professional online, or the right product on the shelves, to help.


Monday 16th August

Mercury 9 Virgo and Saturn 9 Aquarius

Wednesday 18th August

Mars 12 Virgo and Chiron 12 Aries

Mars 12 Virgo and Mercury 12 Virgo

Friday 20th August

Mercury 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Sunday 22nd August

Mars 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Tuesday 24th August

Mercury 22 Virgo and Neptune 22 Pisces

Thursday 26th August

Mercury 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Sunday 29th August

Sun 6 Virgo, North Node 6 Gemini, South Node 6 Sagittarius

Tuesday 31st August

Sun 8 Virgo and Saturn 8 Aquarius

Thursday 2nd September

Mars 22 Virgo and Neptune 22 Pisces

Saturday 4th September

Sun 22 Virgo and Chiron 11 Aries

Monday 6th September

Mars 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Sun 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Mars 24 Virgo and Jupiter 24 Aquarius

Monday 6th/Tuesday 7th September

NEW MOON IN VIRGO Sun 14 Virgo and Moon 14 Virgo

Tuesday 14th September

Sun 21 Virgo and Neptune 21 Pisces

Thursday 16th September

Sun 23 Virgo and Jupiter 23 Aquarius

Sun 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Does Your Chart Line Up?

If you have anything at the degrees above, in Virgo, then on those days, and within 24 hours either side, you’ll find yourself making choices. These are typically choices about the work you do, the duties you have, the chores at hand, the tasks ahead or the sense of service you have towards others. Not just people either, as Virgo rules domestic pets.

What you decide is important because you don’t see these patterns in your chart every day. So, what you pull together in August and September will be with you for months to come. A classic example would be giving up dairy products, or deciding to take a salary sacrifice, in exchange for the benefits of working from home – and avoiding commuting.

Virgo is About Small Details

If you are strongly Virgo then your life is very much about the small details, particularly with your chosen field, business or profession. It’s the little things.

Virgo is associated with pills and tablets for this reason. The tiniest things make the biggest difference. In fact, The Pill arrived in the Sixties when Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo. So did widespread use of cannabis. Small cigarettes made a big difference to the counter culture. One packet of pills triggered a revolution for women in society.

That cycle was rare and it changed the planet. It also showed us what Virgo is all about. It’s not just the medication, it’s the sweeping effects on the billions. From tiny pills came female Prime Ministers and Vice-Presidents.

volodymyr hryshchenko e8YFkjN2CzY unsplash 300x200 - The Virgo Weather 2021

Virgo Weather and the Pandemic

This brings us to the COVID-19 realities of 2021.  You will already have transformed your lifestyle if you are strongly Virgo and may have been first to do so, on that original Pisces Sun/Virgo Full Moon in the first quarter of 2020 when the W.H.O. declared the pandemic.

You may already be working a day or two a week from home, for example, or organising Zoom yoga sessions. Perhaps you have taken steps to increase your immunity with supplements.

Beyond your own control of your body, your wellbeing, your mental health and your workload – you must now deal with the attempts of politicians and big business to control the pandemic agenda too. This is a huge deal if you have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo because you are heavily invested in control of your body.

What you’re going to see in this Virgo weather are some of the most dramatic decisions yet, by governments around the world. This may be about vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm, Johnson and Johnson. It may about masks, border control, quarantine, lockdown and State of Emergency rulings and so on.

Honouring Your Virgo Side

Honouring your Virgo side means finding your own way, to the new path. To the fresh start. To the 2021-2022 lifestyle. You obviously have to deal with the realities of where you live, but beyond that, this Virgo weather really encourages you to run your own self and your own life. To run your own home. Virgo is about the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden. Those are the spaces. What happens there, is under your control.

If you keep a diary or journal, which many Virgo types do, or you like to make lists (another Virgo trait) then by using the dates above, you can plot and plan August and September 2021.

Your Questions – THE VIRGO WEATHER

A reader born on 31st December (other details supplied) asked, “I have knee and back issues, and exhaustion – and a line-up around 12 Virgo in my chart.”

In astrology, Pisces is opposite Virgo so there is a direct link between the subconscious (Pisces, Twelfth House, Neptune) and pain or illness (Virgo, Sixth House, Mercury). That link can happen through transits, or natally. So, many astrologers believe that the cause of, say, depression – or exhaustion, knee pain, back ache – and the rest – is unconscious.

The subterranean depths of your subconscious mind, not normally revealed except through dreams, or accessed (unless with hypnosis) is the core of your ailment. So, you need to ask yourself ‘What is the result of my pain? What is the result of my illness? What do I get from my condition?’

This might seem like an odd question. How can you possibly gain from being sick? But there are always gains. As a child, you gained time off school, if you had a cold. You gained a day or two in bed watching television eating microwaved food. You got attention, care, sympathy for having the cold. You got away from teachers or lessons, or from other children. You got more time with the cat or dog. And so on.

Why Do We Have a Pandemic?

It’s my view, which cannot be proven, that we have a global pandemic because the collective unconscious wants less work to do. I predicted a virus twice using astrology in 2019 and gave specific dates. One was on the Pisces Sun opposition to the Virgo Full Moon in March 2020. That was when the W.H.O. reclassified the Corona Virus as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So Virgo-Pisces patterns have form with this global contagion. We know the Virgo side of the story. This highly infection, lethal virus with long-term damage (even if we survive) also stops work – and the work force – in its tracks. Serial lockdowns shut every business. During the pandemic, working from home has replaced going to the office.

This is very much a Virgo story, right down to the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine protests. So logically we now turn to Pisces. The unconscious or subconscious.

Pisces, Neptune and Pandemic Weather

The Neptune/Pisces/Twelfth House is coming from the other direction, partly because Neptune is himself in Pisces in the Twenties. So what is unconscious or subconscious here? I believe it’s billions of us who are sick of working. Who will even become sick to avoid work. Who have unwittingly, unknowingly, triggered just the sort of contagious illness which guarantees an end to work as we knew it.

And why am I saying that? Partly because of Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008. Pluto is total control and domination. Capricorn is corporations. We have all had over a dozen years of working for the man (or the woman). We’re sick of it and sick from it, too. That’s why our shared subconscious has agreed to participate in COVID-19.

Generation Virgo

Born during the Uranus and Pluto transits of Virgo (rare) in the 1960’s, Generation Virgo, is behind years of overwork and workaholic corporate structures. Part of the problem is the invention of the mobile phone or cell phone (now you can take work home with you) and the internet (now you can work 24/7, 365 days a year).

The technology was invented by Generation Virgo, for Generation Virgo. Now, a pandemic has stopped that in its tracks. Following astrological thought about Virgo (work, health) always in opposition to Pisces (the subconscious, the unconscious) we have to entertain the idea that – when the entire corporate and big business/political system changes – the virus will go.

Really? Yes. If billions of us are unconsciously summoning up a pandemic that involves furloughing, job share, part-time work, working from home – then perhaps when we get what we want, from big business and the politicians they pay – our unconscious will dismiss the virus as it is no longer required. If we unknowingly contribute to Covid, because our collective soul can no longer carry on working like this – because we want our lives back – then surely, when we are given less work – our collective need for Covid will cease. Once we get what we could never admit we wanted, the purpose of the virus disappears.

What do you think?

Pisces and Virgo Factors 

To return to the reader’s question:  if you have knee or back issues ask yourself where it gets you. What do you get? The answer will be intensely personal and complicated. Housemaid’s Knee was a condition common in the days of domestic service. It got the maid time off the job. It was the only thing that ever did.

Sometimes common phrases featuring body parts give away the core issue. ‘Putting your back into’ a job. ‘I’ve got your back’ is another one. So is ‘stabbed in the back’ and ‘backing away from’. With knees, you can find the modern phenomenon of taking a knee’ in America. That may not be your story at all, but you might relate to the idea of ‘on bended knee’ and ‘on my hands and knees, crawling for an apology’ and so on.

This can be a way of unlocking your subconscious mind. And the time to do that is during Virgo weather. When the Sun passes to 12 Virgo, for example, on Sunday 5th September 2021, it will illuminate, highlight and expose a core truth about your knee or back problem, if you are like this reader and have 12 degree Virgo factors. The Sun always sheds light.

More Questions From the Virgo Weather

A reader asked about her Virgo stellium (asteroids and planets going way over the average three factors) and her regular headaches. I asked her in turn what she got from them. Try to stand right back from the pain, the frustration and the rest, and answer a simple question. What changes when the headaches come? If you stop work, find out why your subconscious wants you to stop working. Maybe your unconscious mind would rather that you had sex, or ate, or relaxed in the bath, or raised some endorphins (happy chemicals) on a fast walk. This is really important if you say you like your job, or even love your job. Sure, that’s your conscious mind talking, but if you have headaches, what is your submerged self trying to achieve? Go back to the word head and find associations for yourself:

Head Girl/Head Boy.
Getting ahead.
If you want to get ahead, get a hat.
People or projects which are ‘headaches.’
Living in your head.
Doing head miles.
Putting your head on the block.
Head of the organisation/team/company.
Talking head.

Body Parts and Specific Issues

This connection between work and illness or pain is Virgo and the Sixth House. This is why that house rules your job but also your doctor. The affected body part is usually indispensable to the job. If your entire body goes down, then it’s even more serious. Yet, most of the time, according to the astrology, the specific ailment or part of your body in the spotlight, holds the clues to the work, unpaid work, housework or study issues at stake.

During wartime, only specific problems (like flat feet) could get you out of the army. If you unconsciously (Pisces) don’t want to go to war (duty, service, Virgo) then your feet may helpfully let you down.

The Sixth House in Astrology in the Middle Ages

There is an ancient association going back to the Middle Ages when the Sixth House was linked to the job of valet, or manservant. A valet was also your doctor, if you were a nobleman. As the valet of such a man, if he had the plague you got it too. You were essentially denied holidays. The only time you got off work, was when you were ill. Out of these very old patterns of the past, found right throughout society (and evident today with Covid) we find Virgo. The servant who risks illness because of his master. Don’t tell me this is not happening at Sydney Airport in 2021 with staff employed to clean toilets.

If the issue is your unconscious resenting or resisting work, look to the part of your body that malfunctions. Footballers break their foot bones. Taxi drivers get back pain. Sex workers get S.T.D. Teachers lose their voice. What’s your story?

Tarot and Dreams, Natal Charts and Clues

You can use the Virgo weather of 2021 to drill down into your illness or pain, as the transits of the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars form conjunctions (or power points) with your Virgo planets, nodes, asteroids or angles. It’s wake-up time. Use the Tarot on this website to gain clues.

Read my interpretation of the card you choose, but above all –  look at the picture. What do you see that is personal to you? Look to your natal chart, to see what is shown twice, in your card and in the horoscope itself. Before you go to sleep, for at least 14 nights, ask your subconscious to talk to you about the source of a problem and its solution.

This is what the Romans did, in their ‘hospitals’ or healing centres, ruled by the god Aesculapia. Patients spent the night in dream incubation. It worked. The Romans built these places throughout the empire.

We do not have a place for the subconscious mind in our schools. We are not taught about dreams. The astrology says we should be. It’s the same with hypnosis. We are not taught about its power. One look at Paul McKenna on YouTube, though, and you will see it. The natural, ancient Pisces-Virgo opposition in astrology makes it clear. Health problems are  usually housework, unpaid work, study or work problems, and the answer is deep, deep below with your soul, spirit or psyche. It’s time to explore that.

Images from Unsplash:

Diana Polekhina

Volodymyr Hryshchenko

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