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Well, she’s breaking news all over the world on the weekend of June 6th and 7th, 2021. Welcome to the unmissable Lili.

What does the astrology chart of Lilibet (or Lili) tell us about her destiny with her brother, Archie, and cousins Charlotte and future King George? And how does the Lilibet horoscope show the future of the royal family in around ten years’ time?

The Lilibet Astrology Chart and Karma

Lilibet or baby Lili, is the most senior royal in the current line of succession to be born overseas. She’s an American who has reincarnated with the South Node in Sagittarius (foreign countries and foreigners) and likely has a rich past life history in the 18th century, when America was at war with the United Kingdom. The South Node always shows past life karma.

Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview BBC - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology Chart
Meghan and Diana (BBC)

Reading Lilibet’s Astrology Chart

Lili has a stellium in Gemini so her dominant relationship, all her life, is with brother Archie. For better or worse, this is a complicated brother-sister bond that goes through one or more long periods of separation. In fact, her horoscope shows that Lili’s sibling relationship with young Archie is as central to her, as her father Prince Harry’s fractured relationship with his older brother Prince William.  Not for nothing has Lili has been given a middle name in tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, her grandmother in spirit. Diana was herself the mother to two siblings who would be together. Then apart.

Personality and Destiny in Lili’s Natal Chart

With all that Gemini in her Third House of words, ideas and images – Lili is a natural media and internet presence who (even without the help of Oprah Winfrey and CBS) would make it very successfully on television, or in print. She could easily follow her grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales and  other family members including Sarah, the Duchess of York, into becoming an author. She’ll make her start early, too. In fact, by 2033, when Lili is just 11 years old, she may already have made her debut in a book and in documentaries or advertisements – and written her own script or chapter, too.

Chiron and the Moon in Aries

Lilibet Astrology Chart - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology ChartThe future adult Lili is forthright, fearless, frank and in your face. Lilibet has Chiron at 12 Aries exactly in line with the Moon at 12 Aries. That is highly unusual. She’s competitive and combative and  yet this fierce, upfront, fiery side of her personality is a lifelong issue for her, as Saturn at 13 Aquarius in her house of friends, groups and teams is sextile. It’s very likely that Lili will find a cause or campaign around her Saturn Return, so into her late twenties, and be the face of that. The future adult needs to be extremely cautious with the groups, political parties, movements, cults and organisations which draw her in as their spokesperson or poster girl. Saturn can be quite a difficult teacher, in Aquarius. In fact, in the year 2031, which I’ll talk about in a moment (a critical year for the Royal family) we find transiting Pluto at 13 Aquarius on Lili’s Saturn, so to minimise issues then, she may want to lower the stakes, in terms of the networks she’s involved with.

Lili needs to be very careful about her friends within those circles in her world, even as a ten-year-old child.  I only have to glance at an Extended Personal Birth Chart for Lili (you can order one too, for a small person in your life) to know that what she learns at school, about friendship and particular social media channels – is an early version of a lesson for life, about taking her time when discovering who to trust, as a friend. This is particularly important, because she is so in-your-face. Women like that tend to be swept up by organisations who want someone to fly the flag for them, and with that Saturn sextile, it won’t always be simple.

Why Lilibet’s Name Will Never Stick

Children born on Mercury Retrograde commonly become known by at least one other name and sometimes many. The spelling can also change. In fact, this is already happening, as the media have been given Lilibet but Meghan and Harry’s website gives Lili. Born with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, this is a future adult who could invent all sorts of names for herself, along with nicknames given by the press. The Lilibet astrology chart shows classic Mercury Retrograde muddles.

The BBC relates that Lilibet – the Queen’s family nickname – was coined when then-Princess Elizabeth was just a toddler and couldn’t pronounce her name properly. Her grandfather, King George V, would affectionately call her Lilibet, imitating her own attempts to say her name. The Queen’s late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also called her by the nickname. So is this future woman of the 21st century going to be Lili, Lilly, Lily, Lili-Diana, Lili-Betty, or something else entirely?

Lili’s cousin, Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Catherine, also has Diana as one of her middle names, as well as Elizabeth. Perhaps that is behind the name-changing of the future, as there is rivalry here.

In fact, the year 2031 could bring a complete split between the cousins and siblings, including Lilibet Diana and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I’ll look at the extreme line-up between the charts of Archie, Lili, George and Charlotte in a moment.

Meghan and Daughter

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor was born on June 4th, 2021, at 11.40am in Santa Barbara, California. The Lilibet birth chart shows some exact astrology with her mother Meghan’s chart.

Lili has Vesta at 13 Virgo. Her mother Meghan has Venus at 13 Virgo. This is a classic sign of competition between two or more females, for male attention and approval. In this case, it’s likely Harry, though it may be Archie. This pattern is lifelong. I’ve already mentioned parallels with Diana, whose name Lili has taken. These things have their own power. Diana, Princess of Wales was in competition with Camilla Parker-Bowles (as she was then) for the approval of Charles, Prince of Wales when ‘there were three of us in this marriage.’. Vesta is a symbol for female rivalry in any birth chart, but always with one man manipulating the situation. So here we have it again. As with all astrology, awareness reduces the issues. The less Lili has to compete with other girls and women for male attention, the better. Even as a child! The Lilibet astrology chart shows echoes of Diana there.

Self-Promotion and Flying the Flag

Meghan also has her MC at Aries 11 and her daughter has an exact Moon-Chiron conjunction at Aries 12, joined to Ops, also at 12 Aries. That is also quite rare, between mother and child. It’s almost an exact conjunction. Meghan’s ambitions (her MC) are tied to self-promotion and ‘flying the flag’ for what she believes in.

Her daughter is part of that me-first mission. Aries thrusts, pushes and pioneers (like the ram). Aries fights. Writing in 1951 in her Modern Textbook of Astrology, Margaret E. Hone summarised Aries as ‘Courage. Energy. Impulsiveness. Leadership. Pioneering.’ So – headstrong. Writing in The Rulership Book in 1971, Rex E. Bills linked Aries to “Forcefulness. Political parties.” That is really interesting, given Meghan’s ties to the Democrats, through her friendship with Oprah Winfrey, and the recent public relations done on her behalf by Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Are the Democrats in Lili’s future?

The Lilibet Birth Chart and the Royal Leo Signature

The extended birth chart for Lilibet (created at jessicaadams.com) shows a Leo Ascendant. Leo is the royal sign, of course, and Leo Rising (Ascendant) is perfect for someone who must play the appropriately regal role in front of the public. She also has Hygiea in Leo and Proserpina in Leo, too.  This shows you why the asteroids are important in modern astrology. There is more to her than a Leo shopfront. She has inherited a sign which we also find heavily emphasised in the charts of The Queen Mother and Princess Anne.

Aries Self-Promotion

With Salacia in Aries, as well as that triple line-up in the sign of the ram,  Lili will likely learn about Aries-style self-promotion from her mother Meghan, and all her life, will use herself as the front-runner of any project, plan or campaign. She’ll become a poster girl for something (or someone) when she is older. Her mother may even make sure she does that as a child – for the cameras. Whatever the mission ends up being, by the time Neptune goes into Aries (from 2025) Lili and Meghan are going to be unavoidable if you’re anywhere near a television!

Archie BBC - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology Chart
Her Majesty the Queen and family (BBC)

Sibling Rivalry With Archie – For Life

Archie was born on May 6th, 2019, with Mars at 23 Gemini. His sister Lili’s astrology chart shows Mercury Retrograde at 23 Gemini. This is another fated connection. This time, between sister and brother. The Lilibet astrology chart is also tied to Aunt Kate’s, as is Archie’s, because Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was born with the North Node of karma at 22 Cancer and South Node at 22 Capricorn. That is very close to that 23 degree position for her niece and nephew.

Gemini has always ruled siblings. It rules cousins, too. The Lilibet astrology chart shows sibling rivalry. You can read more about Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s horoscope here and what I saw for him at his birth.

Brothers, Sisters, Cousins – and Charlotte

Princess Charlotte BBC - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology Chart

When transiting Uranus (revolution, radical change, independence) goes to 23 Gemini in June 2031, a complete break with the old set-up with her brother Archie and cousins, is coming for Lilibet. The Lilibet natal chart shows an unexpected split between herself, her brother Archie and her cousin Charlotte (pictured left – courtesy of BBC). Born on May 2nd, 2015, at 8.34am in Paddington, London, Charlotte has Venus at 23 Gemini.

Charlotte and Kate, Meghan and Lili

The odds of this happening (above) are astronomical. The line-up between the charts is extremely unlikely. What is really interesting, though, is that George is left out of it. Prince George, the future king, was born on July 22nd, 2013. and lacks that 23-degree pattern in Gemini. Whatever happens when Lilibet is ten years old, does not involve him. It’s the same with George’s brother, Louis, born on April 23rd, 2018. He skips the pattern.

So, however, the known world turns upside-down for Lili, her brother Archie and their cousin Charlotte in 2031, it’s a three-way upheaval. I mentioned that Kate has the North Node at 22 Cancer, the sign of family (and the Node describes karma). She is drawn into this 2031 event. (Thanks to my friend, astrologer Natalie Delahaye for confirming the birth data of Kate Middleton, as she was then.)

Specific Predictions for the Year 2031

Uranus at 23 Gemini, the planet of sudden upheaval, in the sign of cousins and siblings, is in conjunction with the Gemini horoscope placements of Lili, Charlotte and Archie from June 14th until June 30th, in the year 2031.

Ceres is at 23 Gemini a few weeks prior, on May 29th-31st and this indicates a carve-up and compromise between these members of the British royal family. Jupiter is in opposition from 23 Sagittarius from June 17th to 24th, and this suggests travel, residency, citizenship, visa, passport and travel questions. So, this is bigger than the cousins and siblings. It is about America, the United Kingdom and that old ‘Special Relationship’ (which has suffered so much damage under Harry and Meghan). Whatever the nature of the split between Lilibet, her brother and cousins in ten years’ time, it will liberate them, and involve their youthful interests in (for example) America or the Commonwealth as well as the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry and the Year 2031

Harry was born on September 15th, 1984, with the Sun at 22 Virgo. This is very close to that 23 degree pattern in Gemini linking Lilibet’s astrology chart with her brother Archie’s and cousin Charlotte’s. Just one degree away, in fact, which is enough to make June 2031 important for him as well. Uranus at 22 Gemini will square his Sun. We can narrow down these dates to Ceres at 22 and 23 Gemini on May 27th and the days following, in about ten years from now. A square shows ‘what I cannot square’ and the Sun always shows Harry’s place in the spotlight. He’s in the full glare of publicity in May and June 2031, but why?

Meghan and the Year 2031

Turning to the Meghan astrology chart set for August 4th, 1981, we find similar hotspots. She has Chiron at 22 Taurus. Pluto at 21 Libra. Neptune at 22 Sagittarius. This all circles Harry’s Sun at 22 Virgo. Lili’s Mercury at 23 Gemini. Archie’s Mars at 23 Gemini. Charlotte’s Venus at 23 Gemini. Taking Meghan’s natal chart apart, this is about her marriage to Harry and her control of that (Pluto in Libra). It is also about her finances (Chiron in Taurus). It is also about her interest in foreign people and places, which – given she is American – means the United Kingdom. The U.S. media has been obsessive about the Meghan/Harry/William/Kate connection, and from NBC (image, below) to Oprah Winfrey’s favourite CBS, the Special Relationship has been examined through a new, complicated relationship.

Good Morning America 600x338 - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology Chart

America and Great Britain and – Royal Drama

This goes beyond the politics of two branches of the family, as the Special Relationship has huge consequences for world trade and also traditional alliances. May and June 2031 are pivotal, not only for Lili and Archie, with Charlotte – but also in terms of global politics.

Logic would say this is a crisis for Meghan’s relationship with Harry, but crisis does not have to mean more than total transformation. This can be a new arrangement. A New deal. It really depends on what Meghan chooses to do, by then, but you’d have to say that when Saturn goes to 23 Gemini in October 2031, the situation facing Lili, Archie and Charlotte (in terms of their relationship with each other) is extremely serious as all three face an historic crossroads. Charles, Prince of Wales, has his Sun at 22 Scorpio, which is pretty close. Born on November 14th, 1948, this gives Prince Charles an astrology chart which hooks into the wider pattern we see, in about ten years from now – as I write this on June 7th, 2021.

Kate BBC - The Lilibet 'Lili' Astrology Chart

Prince William in the Year 2031

As is the way with the British royal family, there are fated ties all over the place in the charts. Prince William has Pluto at 24 Libra, which is just one degree away from the 23 degree pile-up in Gemini, linking his daughter Charlotte with her cousins, Lili and Archie – and very close to chart patterns involving his brother Harry, his wife Meghan and the future king Charles. With just one degree’s difference from wife Kate’s North Node at 22 Cancer in the sign of family, you’d have to say that 2031  (when Uranus, the planet of shock and radical change, goes to 22, 23, 24 Gemini) is an electrical storm for them all. The fact that the Nodes themselves also move to 22, 23, 24 of Scorpio and Taurus (the signs ruling inheritance, legacy and financial dynasty) suggests karma.

We need to remember that not only does young Archie have Mars at 23 Gemini, he was also born with Pluto at 23 Capricorn and Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius, so partly because of him and his young destiny, the year 2031  looks like a highly unusual milestone, and a decisive political and personal shift,  for the younger members of the family, with his sister Lili at the heart. Let’s see what the future turns up for Lili. Whatever it is, you’ll be hearing about it, and reading all about it. Lili was just made for a camera, computer and microphone. (Image above: BBC).

Thanks to astro.com and Solar Fire for birth data.


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