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Welcome to your Annual Birthday Report, Aries. I’ll begin by giving you some Mercury Retrograde dates, so you can be one step ahead and avoid potential difficulties. I’ll begin with May-July 2021 and any plans to travel. Later on, we’ll look at the really big highlight of the year, which is your own (or other people’s) children.

Avoiding Computer, Travel, Transport Chaos

Between May 15th and July 7th, 2021, you will go through Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in your Third House of computers, the internet, telephones, fax machines, airlines, ferries, cruises, public transport, cars, bicycles and other matters relating to communication, information and transportation. The media is part of this and social media too. Publishing and education may also take you back and forth.

Mercury is the planet which rules messages and mobility, so when he appears to get stuck, go backwards and retrace his steps – so do journeys and negotiations.

If you can travel, buy a car, buy a computer or learn to drive any time, you may want to avoid May 15th to July 7th. There is plenty of evidence from readers on my website about this cycle if you look for Mercury Retrograde on Search and read the Comments. Have Plan B or C if you go ahead.

Former, Current, Potential Partners

Bypass Mercury Retrograde in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, separation, divorce, dating, business partnership and duets or duels of all kinds. The dates are September 7th to November 3rd, 2021. For example, if you wanted marriage guidance counselling, you would avoid this period for starting a program. If you wanted to join a dating website, you would begin it another time. Have Plan B and C if you go ahead.

In general, if you have Plan B and C, you will make your way through October with or through this other person. You may be breaking up for example, or perhaps you will find a new date in October 2021. Allowing for delays, changes, cancellations is wise (see Mercury Retrograde, above) but you can also bank on a new beginning at the New Moon on October 6th, 2021. It’s fast and furious; there’s action and heat, around October 8th, 2021. There is then a really important discussion, email or paper trail near October 9th, 2021. By the time you get to the Full Moon on the 20th of October 2021 you are ready to balance the scales.

This really covers any kind of duet or duel. So, it need not be marriage, though it usually is. It can be two people who share a house together. Two people who have a business together.

Skipping Delays with Groups, Friends

From January 3rd to January 26th and again from February 15th to 24th (2022) you will hit delays, cancellations and changes involving teams, clubs, political parties, book groups, secret societies, rock bands and other groups, like Twitter. Have Plan B and C if you go ahead.

Avoiding Career or University Chaos

Bypass Mercury Retrograde in your career, unpaid work and university zone from December 29th, 2021 until February 14th, 2022. Have Plan B and C and allow more back-up for (say) job interviews. If you have a work contract to sign read the fine print. If you are applying for a university or college, have back-up.

This period in your life is really intense as you will be quitting a job; accepting a new one; taking a promotion; enrolling in university – dealing with reshuffles at work, perhaps. We are at a New Moon on the 2nd of January 2022 which is really important, and I think the human side of ‘human resources’ will be really obvious to you near the 9th of January next year.

Just remember to have back-up plans and alternatives and don’t expect this to be more than a rehearsal or first attempt at what will actually come about. Around January 16th, 2022, you will see familiar questions about how much power or control you have with (say) a boss or staff.

The Full Moon on January 17th next year brings you to a crossroads with work, unpaid work or study as you realise there is no perfect solution. One of the key conversations or paper trails will be there with you around January 29th, 2022.

Something you have learned the hard way since 2008 is that your willpower empowers you, but if you throw your willpower away with work, university or unpaid work – you can get in over your head. So, self-control is all. Self-control gives you control, Aries, and now that the biggest obstacles are history (from 2018, 2019) you are in a much, much stronger position.

Just be aware of Mercury Retrograde but know that January 2022 is one of the most important months of this 12-month birthday period for sorting things out.

Religion, Psychics, Psychologists

Aries, you will benefit from religion, spirituality, psychics, psychologists, hypnotists, meditation, dream interpretation, Tarot professionals, astrology and other inward pursuits. In fact, something on this list could change your life.

Despite a muddled moment near the 30th of March 2021, you then go on to bigger and better things, with exactly the right people, place or situation around you, from May 14th until July 28th, then December 30th, 2021 until May 10th, 2022, just after your birthday.

You could get rid of anxiety or depression on this cycle or reduce it. You could find a new meaning to life through a relationship with Buddhism. You may find you develop abilities as a medium. It’s on that level. Your growth continues in 2022.

Relaunch of Your Image and Reputation

Aries, this takes place near April 7th, 9th, 12th in 2021 so that will be an intense few days. You may hire a public relations consultant; change your hair colour; alter your wardrobe; fix your teeth; join a new social media website with a new profile; pay for self-promotion. With Chiron in Aries then, but also the Sun, New Moon on Monday, April 12th, Mercury, Venus and Ceres, April will be a remarkable month when you say, ‘I’m back’. Yet it will be a new you, who is actually back in the spotlight. With trines from the Nodes and sextiles from Jupiter and Saturn, you have enough power behind you to make a comeback or just start again, with the way you look, appear or are profiled.

Money and Property, Charity and Business

The ‘new unpredictable’ with your bank account, house, apartment, charity or business has challenged you to change. In fact, you are now mildly surprised to find yourself doing the last thing you expected, a few years ago. It’s liberating and exciting to be your own free agent like this. However, there are no guarantees or certainties. You have to allow for a zig-zag future in 2021 and 2022 as life can change in a moment.

The New Moon on May 11th, 2021 could find you selling the house; picking up a new income source; hiring a different accountant. It’s on that level. Talking about apartments and houses, let’s consider July.

The New Moon on the 10th of July 2021 is a turning point for you with moving, renovating, rethinking the family or household. Perhaps the local council or your tenants. Around the 17th and 25th of July 2021 you’ll meet with passing obstacles or oppositions, so immediately afterwards, or have an inner conflict.

Keep going, but look at the real issue then, which is your career, social status, unpaid work or college/university degree.

Around the New Moon on November 4th, 2021, you will have a real ‘challenge to change’ moment and perhaps this comes after a decision about the marriage or partnership in October.

The Sun’s opposition to Uranus on the 4th of November, the same day, suggests a new beginning which stretches you on the issue of freedom, space and independence. November’s pretty challenging, actually, and you may prefer to keep the stakes low. So, the amounts smaller and the issue less important (not the house or apartment; not the company, divorce settlement or child endowment). Around November 13th, there is another challenge to change, and it comes days after your ruler Mars joins Mercury on 10th November. Please avoid the 17th and also the 19th of November, which is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. There’s no sky fall, but you will not see or know, what you need to see or know.

Travel, Books, Foreign and Regional Gaps

While we’re on the subject of eclipses, avoid travelling, committing to study or teaching, publishing, and anything connected to foreign or regional differences – on December 4th, 2021. That is a new beginning, but also a cover-up or a blind spot. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse, then.

I dare say, around December 15th, the most intense decisions will be made, leading you to a questioning period around the 19th of December and the Full Moon. This may be applying for university or deciding to travel, relocate, move. To some extent this is karmic; it takes you back to what you are owed, or what you owe, spiritually – from 2003.

Your 2021 Gift – Younger Faces

Stunning outcomes and sensational results are coming with younger faces in 2021. This may be your son doing exceptionally well at his exams. It might be a daughter who you adopt.

Being made a godparent; welcoming a child’s good news; greeting a new baby niece – all things are possible. There may be a broader connection to youth, though, so you may write a children’s book or coach a teenage football team.

Near August 1st, 2021, things start to move, despite obstacles. By the 8th of August, you want a new beginning. Around August 11th at the Mercury-Jupiter opposition you see what is possible with optimism. The Full Moon on the 22nd of August challenges you or someone else to change, but you’re on track then.

Work, Career, Unpaid Work, University

You are over the worst from 2018, 2019 and will never go through that again, Aries. Now, you have new projects, plans, roles or goals and a considerable run of improvements with what is there. The New Moon on September 7th will help you, and although there may be a couple of confusing moments in September 2021, by the time you get to the Full Moon on September 20th, you are ready to sort things out and set priorities.

Happy Birthday Aries. This card is from a collection available exclusively to Premium Members (find in downloads or click here to download PDF), which can be sent by email to friends, partners or family.

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