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Using Astrology to Predict the Future – Predicting a Trump Shock

markus spiske RX BevgxSXs unsplash 400x600 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus SquaresI predicted a Trump shock as you may remember here back on October 20th, 2020. Between May 25th and June 12th, 2021 (eight months into the future as I write this), we are going to see a sudden bolt from the blue, hit the Trump Plaza Casino story. What you thought you knew – you did not.”

We saw this come true on May 25th, 2021, with news of the Trump investigation in New York as reported by The Washington Post. In fact, the prediction was date-stamped.

Using Astrology in the American Chart

We have no reliable birth data for Trump. But, using the American chart, it’s been possible to see tomorrow’s headlines, today.

In fact, ever since I realised Trump’s data was not working, I’ve used the USA chart to predict his downfall from illness in October 2020 (he became infected with COVID-19) and his election loss. That’s on YouTube and was posted on September 26th last year here.

America and the 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

So, where is America with this Saturn-Uranus square in 2021? This is an economic revolution waiting to happen.

There is a tight, temporary holding pattern (typical of Saturn) which is stuck, for the moment. No shortage of money. Yet, what appears to be such a tight, secure, grounded situation for the US economy is deceptive.

There is nothing at all stable about the situation and it would not take much for the US dollar; for Bitcoin; for other cryptocurrencies – to ‘turn’ and leave the property market exposed.

Joe Biden is Robin Hood

steve harvey nXhJ4v GphQ unsplash 600x400 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus SquaresWe have a Robin Hood president in Joe Biden. He is the $6 trillion budget man.

This Robin Hood figure in Washington was predicted back on January 26th, 2020. A leader who would take from the rich to give to the poor. We didn’t know his/her name yet but it was clear President Hood would be in the White House for 2021

This is what you read here: “Something we have to remember about this radically new America for 2021 and beyond, is that her voters in their millions, include people born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the zodiac sign of Libra, which rules fairness, justice and equality. They are absolutely triggered to go out and vote for economic fair play, in this billionaire-laden nation, in November 2020. They want to be Robin Hood, or they just want him. Not so much robbing from the rich to give to the poor, but absolutely taking from them!”

1934 and Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus

The last time we saw anything like this combination (Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus) was June to October 1934. The Soviet Union joined the League of Nations on the 19th of September 1934. The Long March of the People’s Liberation Army of the Communist Party of China began on the 16th of October 1934.

Russia and China

Those two events are a perfect fit for Uranus in Taurus/Saturn in Aquarius complication. Their time is up in 2021. Uranus (revolution) in Taurus (economy) is Communist Russia and China. Saturn (rules) in Aquarius (communities, literally communism) is at the other end.

China and Russia are both playing the COVID-19 vaccine card, in their economies. China may be relying on the collapse of India as a manufacturing rival. Russia may be relying on Italy leaving the European Union, after Britain, and the end of that trade rival. Watch them closely in 2021.

Is Your Birth Chart Affected?

Anything at 13 degrees at any zodiac sign at all will be aspected by the Saturn-Uranus square of June 13th-18th, 2021. The American economy works like that.

The ripples it sends globally, get you where you live, even through six degrees of separation. To find out the ‘why’ of the event, go back to whatever you have at 13 degrees. What planet, for example, in which zodiac sign and house? That is what will be triggered now.

So, for example, you may have Venus at 13 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and marriage and your boyfriend may propose to you – because his promotion makes it financially viable. And that came from the American business picture. That’s how astrology works now if you do have 13 degree factors.

Saturn – Defense, Protection, Shielding

Rex E Bill The Rulership Book - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus SquaresSaturn is a symbol of defense, protection, shielding, and boundaries. It can show quite tight, guarded, enclosed situations. Its square to Uranus shows what can’t be squared with that.

Rex E. Bill wrote The Rulership Book in 1971 (American Federation of Astrologers) and associates Saturn with accountants, administrators, bankruptcy, bookkeepers, the building industry – among other things.

In Aquarius, Saturn might be associated with air conditioning technicians (Bill is specific here) and also architecture in its modern form. So, this takes us to…

High-Rise Apartments and Office Blockslethu zimu nv7E7KmXXnw unsplash 600x400 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

In 1971, Bill could not possibly have known that COVID-19 would be the world’s airborne threat to globalisation and thus, the planet’s economy.

Yet it’s here in black and white. High-rise apartments and office blocks are vulnerable to COVID-19 more than any other part of the American property market. This is an air-conditioned virus.

Uranus is a symbol of the unconventional. The unexpected. The unforeseen. The unusual. It is most of all a symbol of upheaval, and once again this comes from Bill’s classic astrology book.

Bankers and Banking

Taurus in his view is a symbol of banks, bankers and banking. Now, put all that together in the American chart, set for January 2nd, 1776 at 12.00 noon in Cambridge, Massachusetts – and you have a clear picture of the country’s economy in 2021.

This is temporary wealth, and nothing is grounded in the property market which is where it belongs. Yet the property market itself is vulnerable to an airborne virus which thrives in overcrowded, high-density cities. None of this is what Americans ever (literally) banked on. But as every epidemiologist will tell you, COVID-19 likes to catch the elevator.

rnr8d3fnuny 600x338 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

Saturn 13 Aquarius, Uranus 13 Taurus

This square between Saturn and Uranus is exactly in aspect to America’s Jupiter at 13 Gemini. We can narrow down the dates to June 12th-13th, 2021, for this rare, unusual pattern. Ceres is at 13 Taurus on those days; Uranus is at 13 Taurus; Saturn is at 13 Aquarius.

What always protects America? (Jupiter protects). Her media. Her Silicon Valley corporations. Her entertainment industry. Apple and Microsoft, Google and the Zuckerberg holdings. Gemini rules all these things. You’re going to see the truth of that on June 12th and 13th, 2021

What Happens to Bungalow Bill?

What happens after that to the American economy is another matter. What happens to Bungalow Bill? The year 2021 shows tightly gripped wealth, some hoarding, a reluctance to engage with the great, grounded truth of the American property market. It’s like relying on flying carpets in an economy based on mortgages.

Nothing Is Real at Christmas

So, here’s the thing. None of this is grounded in the real world. The last call for this picture of ‘security’ is the final Saturn-Uranus square of 2021, falling with Saturn at 11 Aquarius square Uranus at 11 Taurus on December 24th to 29th, for Christmas. I’m giving you these dates ahead of time, so you can make informed decisions.

Questions to Ask

Uranus in Taurus is very new in our lives. It tends to challenge political and media ‘spin’ very suddenly, so the time has come to look at the housing market and property economy quite separately to whatever any particular President, Prime Minister or business leader is presenting.

An economy, and economists, who are floating, not grounded, with seemingly no real-world relationship to the property and mortgage market which props up the banks, could gain from coming back down to earth.

It’s not just enough to talk about a Saturn-Uranus square, you see.

sneeze 600x600 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

When America Sneezes

When America sneezes, the world catches COVID-19, economically. Here in the chart, we can see transiting Neptune at 23 Pisces, very close to an opposition with America’s own Neptune at 24 Virgo. Now, that’s in the sign of public health and the work force. All of which is tied up in those high-rise towers and apartment blocks.

I don’t think you’re going to see the big reality check until Neptune in transit actually moves to exactly 24 Pisces, which happens April 14th until May 18th, 2022.

The time to insist that politicians and business leaders get real about those office blocks and high-rise apartments is now. May 2021.




All Images Courtesy of Unsplash.com.

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