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May 15th to July 7th and Mercury Retrograde

The best way I can explain Mercury Retrograde to students and astrology amateurs in their twenties is Monopoly. I know you’re a regular reader or even a professional astrologer, so you already know the score. A board game is still a fast way to think about what is going to happen to use May 15th to July 7th, though. Imagine you have chosen the train as your Monopoly piece. Now, imagine what happens when you are constantly moving backwards around the board or getting stuck. Then retracing your steps. The whole game is affected. Every player is affected. That is Mercury Retrograde May 15th to July 7th 2021.
(Main image: Joshua Hoehn: Unsplash)

Patric Walker and Michael Palin

Let’s talk about Patric Walker and Michael Palin. Two great men who were thrown together on Mercury Retrograde by the BBC. As Patric knew, it’s best to warn people in advance – though Palin was told halfway through his world trip.

Sure, I gave you the warning dates for May-July 2021 way back on December 26th 2020 so you could plan ahead, but not everybody can organise their diary that far in advance. That happened to Michael Palin.

As a special guest on Michael Palin’s Pole to Pole, he threw the program. Politely.  The image is from the interview, now on YouTube – and the extract is from Palin’s bestselling book.

 Loathed by Dawkins – Still Correct

Loathed by Professor Richard Dawkins, Patric Walker was still proven correct about Mercury Retrograde and Michael Palin’s trip, as explained in Palin’s book, Pole to Pole. Palin did in fact run into Mercury Retrograde travel planning problems. It’s even dated. This is textbook stuff: waiting over an hour for the disembarking queue to clear. A further half-hour wait on the quay.

Patric Walker and John Lennon

If you are curious about Patric Walker and his friendship with John Lennon, whose travel plans he also helped to politely influence – you can see a more detailed account of Lennon’s visits to Walker and his reading with Roger Elliott, here.

The Future of Eurostar May-July 2021

Let’s get back to you, especially if you are in Europe or the US. Ignore what you read or hear about the world’s most famous train, Eurostar, during Mercury Retrograde May-July 2021. It may be its collapse; takeover; revamp – but nothing will stick – according to all the laws of astrology. Eurostar was born with its official opening on 6th May 1994 and as you might expect, a Gemini signature. Venus was at 10 Gemini and Ceres at 3 Gemini. Gemini is of course, ruled by Mercury. More often than not, Mercury Retrograde stops or slows down Eurostar. 

How Mercury Retrograde Stops Eurostar

On 2nd September 2015 hundreds of Eurostar passengers were left stranded in the dark, after their train to London was stopped in its tracks by migrants – on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. On 11th September 2008 the Channel Tunnel fire also obstructed Eurostar – on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. In April 2021, as I’m publishing this, Eurostar is vulnerable to collapse, due to COVID-19, losing 95% of her customers.

Eurostar May 15th to July 7th 2021

Only Covidiots will board Eurostar from May 15th to July 7th, but it may yet even be cancelled. Expect news headlines about a Eurostar sale, rescue loan, collapse or other media misinformation when Mercury is retrograde, May 15th to July 7th. The really interesting thing about Eurostar is actually the future, though. This isn’t over. Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (trains) in exact conjunction with her Venus at 10 Gemini and Ceres at 3 Gemini. The train will be reborn in 2026-2028.

Eurostar in 2026, 2027, 2028

All the mess and muddle of May-July 2021 will be history by 2026 and 2027, when Eurostar is relaunched with new technology, a new travel booking system, and innovations we have not even dreamed of, yet. We can time this exactly, using astrology, to June 2026 and the date of Saturday 4th July 2026 is significant – so perhaps America will be involved. There is more progress in April 2027, but the real breakthrough comes in June 2028 when Uranus moves to 10 Gemini in a perfect conjunction with the original Eurostar Venus at 10 Gemini. We can time this to June 22nd, 23rd in the year 2028, as Mars moves to 10 Gemini. There will be twin Eurostar services or trains, or twin tracks.

Covidiots and May-July 2021

The rise of “Selfish Covidiots” as The Guardian describes them – is a well-known problem in 2021. Sadly, covidiots can potentially kill. What’s almost as idiotic as drinking disinfectant to deter COVID-19? Assuming your ‘jab’ means you can fly wherever you like, whenever you like. Or your test. We see constant evidence from science that this just isn’t the case.

One Dubai-New Zealand flight tracked by scientists tells us that after 18 hours on board, with two infected passengers (who had both been tested and passed) seven passengers tested positive for COVID-19. (Image: Mika Baumeist).

the cat in the hat bookMercury, the Mind and Mindless Behaviour

As Mercury rules the mind, and Mercury Retrograde coincides with people changing their mind, as well as ‘absent-minded’ behaviour (when Mercury is absent from a sign, for example) will we see more mindless Covidiots during Mercury Retrograde? The fact is, mandatory masks in airports, on flights and on airline buses and coaches – make no sense – when people take them off to eat and drink. Which they do. Frequently. So this is a good example of absent-minded Mercury. What are they thinking? Well, nobody’s thinking.

What the WHO Says About Vaccines

The WHO (World Health Organisation) claimed in February 2021, that being vaccinated may stop you getting sick, but it will not prevent you from passing the virus onto others. And further – no vaccine is 100% effective. Mercury rules the media, and also airlines, so you would expect there to be more misinformation and outright deception, about the various attempts at vaccines, and ideas like vaccine passports, in May-July 2021. Later on we will see that classic post-Mercury outcome: the retracted statement.

Mercury Retrograde and COVID-19

This pandemic is so new to the world that astrologers have only had just over a year, to study the impact of Mercury Retrograde on your travel plans; buses; trains; coaches; tourism. The answer, of course, is Zero Covid. Copy the Australia and New Zealand model. Yet, as we’ll see in a moment, even that is vulnerable on Mercury Retrograde.

Margaret Hone on Mercury

Around 70 years ago, Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S wrote The Modern Textbook of Astrology (L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd. 1951) and gave us this, on Mercury. “Much can be learnt of the nature of each planet by thinking of the nature of the god named after it in the old myths, which were the stories of the planets. Mercury was the swift messenger of the gods. When considering a chart, the judgement of the mentality of the person and of his type of nervous reactions will depend largely on his Mercurian characteristics, ruled by Mercury.” A really good example of Mercury Retrograde (the stuck mentality of people) can be seen in large outdoor protests with no social distancing and no masks.

people gathering on street during daytime
Image by Kajetan Sumila


Backwards Mentality and Mercury Retrograde

If we talk about a ‘backwards mentality” we are literally describing Mercury Retrograde. Similarly ‘stuck thinking.’ It seems safe to use astrology predict that between May 15th and July 7th 2021, we will see a backwards mentality emerge at airports and train stations. That would be an exact interpretation of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The stuck thinking of life before COVID-19. The fact is – the only safe travel is between Zero Covid airports. So, airports between destinations with zero cases.

Which Countries?

Because Mercury is going backwards and forwards across 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 degrees of Gemini, we look to countries with factors at 16-24 Gemini to see where the problems will arise. This should also help any of your family or friends who don’t use astrology, to plan. If they are departing or arriving in these destinations, they can expect cancellations, delays or rescheduling. From this you can make predictions. The well-known Vatican mail service will be in disarray at some point between May 15th and July 7th, because Mercury rules the post, as well as transport.

Australia and New Zealand Rescheduling

The Australia-New Zealand travel bubble will be at risk, as will domestic travel within Australia, from May 15th to July 7th 2021. Why? You can see the various astrology charts for Australia and New Zealand. They’re all triggered.  This information on Australia and New Zealand astrology charts comes from my own research, and in addition, The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer (2004).

The Mercury Retrograde Hit List 2021

There are several astrology charts for some of these places but in at least one ‘birth’ horoscope we find factors in Gemini at the affected degrees. If your personal birth chart shows Gemini factors at 16 through 24 degrees, your short journey planning, commuting, worldwide web use and media involvement will go backwards and forwards – perhaps come to nothing – between May 15th and July 7th 2021. It’s a great time to rehearse, review, research. It’s not a great time to go full speed ahead.

Countries Affected by Mercury Retrograde 2021

Vatican City – Sun 16 Gemini
Cyprus – North Node 16 Gemini
Australia – Pluto 16 Gemini
Germany – Jupiter 17 Gemini
Italy – Uranus 17 Gemini
Cuba – Pluto 17 Gemini
Papua New Guinea – Mars 17 Gemini
Philippines – Uranus 19 Gemini
Iraq – Moon 19 Gemini
Jamaica – Mars 19 Gemini
Japan – Uranus 19 Gemini
USA – Mars 20 Gemini
France – Uranus 21 Gemini
UK – Pluto 21 Gemini
Russia – Uranus 22 Gemini


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