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Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

From now through November 2018, Jupiter the lucky planet is in Scorpio, the sign which rules your land, house, holiday home, business, bank account, charity and precious possessions. From November 2018 he moves into Sagittarius and stays there for most of 2019. There, he will be in your house of travel, study, teaching, foreigners, emigration, publishing and the web.

In a moment I’ll go into detail about why Jupiter matters, what he does and how you can even watch for Jupiter omens that he’s about – acorns, eagles and thunderstorms tend to signal some synchronicity!

If you are a Premium Member, I will list fortunate Jupiter dates every week in your extended forecast. This is the secret astrology that lines up with your personal birth chart, based on your time, place and date of birth.

The public astrology ‘weather’ is pretty simple, though. In 2018 when Jupiter is mostly in Scorpio, the sign which rules bank loans, alternatives to banks (like PayPal), eBay, Air BnB, Etsy, Fiverr and other sales machines online – you’re in luck. The wheels are going round. They go around on the most record-breaking scale on the London Stock Exchange, Wall Street and other city marketplaces – which is why you’ve seen new highs set in 2018.

Here is a useful rule for Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018. Always glance at the front page of this website to see the planetary positions. You’ll see Jupiter in Scorpio there. Is anything else in Scorpio there too? The Moon? What about the asteroids? Push your luck that day. Push it if you want to save or make money.

This also applies to Jupiter in Sagittarius, current from Thursday 8th November 2018 through the end of 2019. From that day forward, if you see other factors in Sagittarius (like the Sun, which you’ll see from late November) push your luck.

When People Don’t Use Jupiter…

When people don’t use Jupiter it’s because they are not thinking big or seeing the opportunity. I find it really interesting that human nature means we’re too lazy, or not optimistic enough (even) to see an acorn as a future oak. I’ll give you some examples of this, from readers, just in the last few months:

  • The actor who turned down a birthday party invitation from a family with relatives who were big in the film industry. Oops.
  • The cash-poor but property-rich woman who was introduced to a potential tenant but didn’t bother conversing. Oops.
  • The overweight mum on a budget who ‘just happened’ to find a cheap exercise bike at a car boot sale. She bought a hot dog!

I see a lot of people in astrology who think Jupiter is like the Hand of God holding a rainbow and pot of gold, with exploding stars. Most of the time, Jupiter doesn’t work like that. This cycle is really about the tiniest thing which leads to big results later.

Jupiter and Eagles

A good way to understand what the planet Jupiter achieves in each cycle, is to look at his symbols. Our astrology comes to us from Ancient Rome, where the eagle was Jupiter’s messenger. Pliny the Elder described the eagle as one of the signa militaria, or “military symbols” of the army. An eagle would be set free during the consecration of an emperor. Jupiter was associated with power in Rome. Pliny called the eagle “most honorable (or honored) and strongest of all birds”. Jupiter is shown with his eagle in this beautiful work from The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, below.
The thing to remember about Jupiter cycles is this – it can feel as if someone bigger, greater and higher than you (with an eagle-eye across the big picture) is in charge. So, you become part of a wider pattern of beneficial change. Jupiter is also a tremendous healer. If there are long-running issues or deep-seated problems, he can often break up the ground with this thunderbolts and rain, to reveal what needs to be cleaned up. Jupiter can often detox. Then comes the improvement!

Jupiter astride an eagle Met Museum 600x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
Jupiter (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art)

What Eagles Tell Us About Jupiter Cycles in Astrology

Why the eagle as a symbol for Jupiter? Perhaps, because as Aristotle wrote, it “flies high in order to see over the greatest area” and that “men call it divine among birds for this reason…” Jupiter was considered to be best and greatest of all the gods, and  Herodian gives a description of the use of an eagle at an imperial funeral “…from the highest and topmost story an eagle is released, as if from a battlement, and soars up into the sky with the flame [of the funeral pyre], taking the soul of the emperor from earth to heaven, the Romans believe”.

The eagle gives you a good idea of what to expect from Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018, and Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019. We associate this bird with the idea of flying high and soaring. The eagle sees the big picture and it is associated with people at the top who are elevated in society. I am sure you have read the headlines about various pay rises, tax breaks and other benefits in 2018. That is a typical example of people at the top (Presidents, Prime Ministers) acting out the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. Scorpio is about finances. The bank. Savings. Big business.

When you think about Jupiter cycles, especially with finance (2018) and travel (2019) think about the biggest of all possible pictures. Let’s go back to that idea of eagle-eyed vision again. The Romans mixed an eagle’s brain or gall with Attic honey as a cure for eye problems, according to Pliny. They believed it could help cataracts. This 2000 year old idea about seeing far and wide, having breadth of vision, taking in everything at once, is very particular to Jupiter. An eagle is a bird of prey (see below). You can be predatory or an opportunist on this cycle, too. We talk about ‘spying an opportunity’ and that is Jupiter!

Predatory or opportunist 395x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
Birds of Prey (Ladybird)

Until early November 2018, with money, possessions, houses, apartments or ‘money saved’ – you can test this for yourself. One area of your life related to this will open up and expand before your eyes. You may see a bigger picture, than you did before. There will be something/someone to prey on – as nicely as you can.

The sign that Jupiter occupies is crucial. Jupiter in Scorpio is about banks and banking. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about travel and travel in the mind.

Watch people flying high and nations soaring, in a new way, in a new direction over both these cycles. In 2019 when Jupiter is in Sagittarius there will be new technology available on the worldwide web which takes education and academia to its biggest and best levels in 12 years. That is how long it takes Jupiter to return to Sagittarius on his cycle. The last time he was there, the web saw an explosion in both official learning (webinar technology) and informal learning (Wikipedia). What will happen in 2019? Your guess is as good as mine, but you can bank on education and even the cherished halls of academia becoming more affordable, accessible, efficient and effective. Jupiter is going to be about expansion, perhaps into faster and easier video conferencing, with new formats – perhaps embracing more countries and cultures, and more languages. This is going to have a huge impact on everybody out there born with the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. Children born 2000-2008 with Pluto in Sagittarius who are coming of age in 2019 will benefit enormously from the explosion in online education. If you want luck (use your eagle eyes) be part of that growth!

Will Jupiter Help Your Personal Birth Chart?

These are the pro-level astrology secrets that you need to know, if your have your personal birth chart in front of you as a Premium Member. Look for anything in Scorpio and Sagittarius at these numbers (degrees) and line up the dates. In Scorpio, the opportunities will be financial, charity, business or property related. In Sagittarius, the opportunities will be travel, internet, publishing or education related. We have some Mercury Retrograde interference in the late Scorpio degrees in October so let’s keep life simple and avoid those zones!

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Scorpio –
OCTOBER 2018 – Jupiter 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Scorpio
NOVEMBER 2018 –  Jupiter 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Sagittarius *This will work well for you as long as you realise there will be a delay or change to the original plans around November 1st-4th and 28th-30th, close to December 1st and around December 13th-17th. The reason for this is that Mercury (communication, information, transportation) is retrograde at the same time.
DECEMBER 2018 – Jupiter 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Sagittarius *This will work well for you as long as you realise there will be a delay or change to the original plans around November 5th-12th and 22nd-30th and again around November 18th-23rd.

Do You Have Sagittarius Factors? Your 2019 Luck and How to Work It

Jupiter keeps travelling through Sagittarius in 2019 and if you have any Sagittarius factors at all, he will trigger them, bringing opportunities, solutions, growth, great timing and all that is required for huge improvements not possible in 12 years. This is all through your Ninth House of ‘travel and travel in the mind.’

JANUARY 2019 – Jupiter 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17 Sagittarius
FEBRUARY 2019 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Sagittarius
MARCH 2019 – Jupiter 21, 22, 23, 24 Sagittarius
APRIL 2019 – Jupiter 23, 24 Sagittarius
MAY 2019 – Jupiter 20, 21, 22, 23 Sagittarius
JUNE 2019 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20 Sagittarius
JULY 2019 – Jupiter 14, 15, 16, 17 Sagittarius
AUGUST 2019 – Jupiter 14, 15 Sagittarius
SEPTEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 15, 16, 17, 18 Sagittarius
OCTOBER 2019 – Jupiter 18, 19, 20 ,21, 22, 23 Sagittarius
NOVEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Sagittarius
DECEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 29 Sagittarius

The Jupiter rules – when you see a month with Jupiter lining up at exactly the same degree (number) as anything in your chart, plant an acorn, water the soil, protect the acorn and do all you can to help it grow – although destiny will help too.

Anything you did, around 12 years before, in terms of planting acorns or growing oak trees, will reward you. Jupiter moves in 12 year cycles of expansion. Watch!

Rapid Returns From Your 2018 Financial, Charity, Business, Property Efforts

If you were born with chart factors in Scorpio across 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 degrees in your Eighth House of money, fundraising, companies, houses and apartments – I hope you were reading your horoscope this year as you would have been given great dates to start something – plant something.

From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow, is the famous phrase. Your acorn will grow rapidly with special help from Jupiter when he goes back over the same spot in your chart, September and October 2018. The more ‘acorns’ you planted and the harder you tended them, the bigger the results. I love this NASA image of Jupiter. Can you see the acorn? The Romans were linking this planet to oak trees over 2000 years ago!


Jupiter NASA acorns 600x598 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019



Jupiter and Thunderbolts

Jupiter is associated with the eagle, an omen you will see when you are having fortunate Jupiter transits. An eagle may turn up on a TV documentary or as a brooch – or as a statue. Jupiter also rules thunder. Thunderstorms are a sign he’s about. Watch!

The Romans took their mythology and astrology from the Greeks and it was then shipped to the British Isles, where the symbols, ideas and memes took hold. The Greeks believed Zeus (their earlier version of Jupiter) used thunderbolts as weapons to express his rage. When Asclepius (Aesculapius) raised a patient from the dead, Zeus blasted him, because Asclepius was going against fate.

Thunder can be the typical Jupiter blessing in disguise. If a part of your life is desperately in need of repair, rehabilitation, renewal and relaunch – you can have a stormy situation – which then is very healing.

The Romans (who gave us the core of the astrology we use today) moved this idea about thunder and Jupiter forward and for them, the eagle became the carrier of thunder – a sure sign Jupiter was about. Ovid speaks of “the eagle, who bore [Jupiter’s] thunderbolts”, Horace of the “winged deliverer of the thunderbolt”, and Virgil of “the eagle that bears Jove’s lightning.”

Listen for the ‘whump’ of the thunderclaps next time there is a storm. Tune into what is going on around you. Opportunity? Solution? Breakthrough? Check your chart. I’ll bet you are having a Jupiter transit, to the exact degree, of your chart.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

I sometimes see people getting very mixed up and associating Jupiter with lightning. This idea of Jupiter being linked to lightning is quite wrong, though. It was his grandfather Uranus who was the father of lightning. The two are compatible, though, and in nature they follow each other. The family tree shows itself on a storm! Thus, you get the release, the freedom and the Independence Day moment of Uranus (lightning) and the boom of Jupiter.

The thunderbolt that clears the air and helps healing, renewal and a fresh start is Jupiter. However, the thunder that brings rain is also Jupiter. If you have cleared the area of your life where Jupiter is working already, rapid and big new growth will occur. This has a lot to do with preparation and hard work in previous cycles. If you did the financial work before 2018, then this year will bring you rewards. It’s the same in 2019. If you have been slogging away for years as a teacher or student, or with a particular foreign country or nationality, then 2019 will reward you. That’s a literal boom!

You can still see the gold eagle, clutching thunderbolts in its talons, on long metal poles left to us in art, today. The pole would be planted in the ground by the Roman legion and it became identified with the might and splendour of the Roman Empire. Thus, we associate Jupiter cycles with ’empire building’ too.

Pamela Colman Smith Suffrage Atelier - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

The famous Tarot card artist Pamela Coleman Smith used her understanding of mythology to work with images of oaks and oak leaves, not only in her work on the deck she created with Arthur Waite, which I am sure you know – but also in her feminist endeavours. You can see examples here. She also uses bird images. Although Pamela did not know it, the Suffragette movement she was linked with, would grow (blessed by Jupiter) into the Women’s Liberation movement of the 1970s and Britain’s second female Prime Minister, today. A lot of her Tarot is about growth, and from September 2018 I will be launching Tarot Tuesdays for Premium Members, so we can work with her cards together and try a different way of seeing potential futures and creating them – shaping them – as you wish.

Six Wands - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
The Tarot. Pamela Coleman- Smith.

Using Roman Ideas About Jupiter In Your Chart

We can develop this symbolism of ‘acorns into oaks’ by thinking about Jupiter as an astrological sign of construction, empire-building and expansion. The Romans took their religion very seriously and for them, Jupiter was their chief god, who took them from Italy to the world and back. The old astrological concepts of Jupiter as a symbol of exploration and abundance come partly from this. When you look at Italy on the map today it is hard to conceive that this tiny country, let alone its tiny capital, Roma, became the epicentre of the old world. The Romans believed, trusted and submitted to Jupiter and look what happened. Interesting!
Jupiter brings you situations, people and organisations which can help you to grow. You will see this very quickly once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018. The Romans took over the world, plundered the planet’s richest offerings and became a superpower in the ancient world. Nobody wants you to romp around doing that but given that the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle is going to be about travel, export, import, tourism, emigration, refugees (forced migration) and other Ninth House matters – look there first for growth. Secondary issues are history, religion, languages, art, science and so on. Why? Because when we travel to a foreign country we have to learn about those things. And Sagittarius is about learning.

Jupiter, Acorns and Oak Trees

Along with the symbolism of the thunderbolt and eagle, Jupiter is associated with acorns and oak trees.  As Jupiter Quirinus or Jupiter Feretrius, the old Roman god had an oak staff. Victorious generals wore a gold oak-leaf wreath set with acorns.  eagle on its tip. Mighty warriors carried a quiris, or oak staff, in addition.  The earliest Roman temple to Jupiter was on the Capitoline Hill. The version of Jupiter known as Feretrius was worshipped there, and returning generals would hang their captured armour on an oak tree as a votive to Jupiter. You can read more about this in The Divine Thunderbolt, by J.T.  Sibley. To bring the imagery up to date, here is a wonderful illustration I found via my Pinterest account, below. From Little Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may want to pin this. It’s the Jupiter mantra!

It is amazing how, along with thunderstorms and eagles, the other synchronicity omen for Jupiter is an acorn. It can sometimes be quite complex. I buried a squirrel in London the other day. The poor creature had been killed trying to cross the road. I laid him to rest under a tree (not an oak tree, but a big tree) and it was only later that I realised what an omen he was. Squirrels of course live on acorns. I wondered if there would be a death that opened a door, and there was – the same day. The man who passed gave me an opportunity that could not have come any other way. Watch for Jupiter omens. Acorns. Thunder. Eagles.

Pinterest 600x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

Growing Acorns into Oak Trees

Along with the idea of seeing far and wide (the eagle) the thunder of Jupiter reminds us of the rain that can bring growth and abundance. This links nicely to the idea of acorns turning into oak trees. I’ve talked about the thunderbolts that can sometimes happen on Jupiter cycles in order to fix things! Stormy weather is very Jupiter.

Of course, storms can be dangerous and destructive, which reveals Jupiter’s other relentless side. Pliny is our best historical source for Jupiter’s association with thunderstorms and thunderbolts. He wrote that the thunderbolts came in response to prayer. History tells us that extreme weather patterns in the ancient world mattered so much to them that they altered the course of Rome itself. During the Second Punic War, the Roman fleet was destroyed by them in 249 BC and 225 BC. This was followed by six months of drought. In December 170 BC there was a blood rain in Rome. The Tiber famously flooded, too.

The phrase ‘It never rains but it pours’ might be linked to Jupiter. How does this cycle produce problems, and why does it do that? Astrology proves to us, there is always a higher purpose or greater reason. Jupiter is always good news. He is always about growth, expansion and improvement. Sometimes, though, it has to happen on the back of a storm. There has to be wreckage, or  some peculiar fated obstruction, in order to bring about what is required. 

I am sure this does not apply to you, but if you have lived your life on the wrong path for many years – in fact, for 12 years, since the last time Jupiter was in the same sign – it may be time for a thunderbolt. A crisis may be the only thing to fix you and relaunch you. You will be helped. Jupiter can be benevolent. You’ll get support for making the change.

People who think Jupiter is like Father Christmas coming down the chimney don’t know their Roman history. Sometimes the thunderbolts and stormy weather you experience on a new Jupiter cycle can rock your world – yet time will show it was meant to be. It was for the best. Not so much Father Christmas with a sack of presents – more like a rocket down the chimney! Yet, eventually, even after a Jupiter thunderbolt, you will see it actually was a kind of gift.

Jupiter and the Boom in Your Life

Thunder is actually the sound caused by lightning. It is commonly described as a clap, crack, peal or boom. All these words are associated with Jupiter. A boom needs no explanation. Jupiter in your Second, Fourth or Eighth House natally or by transit can produce an economic boom or a property boom. I use the Natural House system so this is basically Jupiter going through Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio. He’s in Scorpio for most of 2018 as you know. He’s almost halfway through as I write this in July 2018, but you need to know that if you have Scorpio factors 15-29 then he will cross those and help you on your financial way.

The sudden, dramatic turnaround in fortune so commonly revealed by Jupiter (the lucky break) is well described by this idea of a clap, crack, peal or boom. It’s natural yet unusual. It often feels like the most tremendous release and it can bring a sense of relief, excitement and hope. I am writing this in Britain where teachers just got an unexpected pay rise. Boom! (Jupiter rules education, as we know). Sometimes one Jupiter cycle nods to another. Jupiter in Scorpio gave British teachers a bigger salary. That means better teachers and happier teachers. In 2019 this benefits students. Jupiter in Sagittarius!

From Acorns to Oak Trees to Oak Ships and Buildings

When you work with Jupiter, really think about building! This takes us back to the acorn becoming the oak. On these cycles we build for the next Jupiter cycle, so count 12 years into the future. Count 24, 36 years into the future. Jupiter always lasts.

Oak was the wood of choice on high status Viking longships in the 9th and 10th centuries. The most prestigious buildings in British history, like the House of Commons’ debating chamber, were made from oak. It is through this long association that Jupiter builds up a strong meaning in astrology. In the Middle Ages, as in Ancient Rome, oak was associated with the greatest, the biggest and the best. Yet – all oak has to come from an acorn.

Today, oak is used for fine furniture and flooring, and of course the barrels in which the best wine, sherry, brandy and whiskey are produced. Yamaha Drums use Japanese oak because it gives a louder tone – thundering drums, courtesy of Jupiter. The god of the best things in life, even has an association with truffles, which has a symbiotic relationship with oak trees.

James Frazer in The Golden Bough was the go-to source for generations of astrologers, last century. He wrote that the sacred oak was used by priests in Ancient Greece to interpret the will of the gods, by listening to the rustling leaves in the tree. I love that image. Next time you go for a walk, and particularly when your Jupiter/Sign awareness is high, see what the trees are suggesting to you. Are you missing an opportunity? Are you tuned in or is luck going to pass you by? I will get onto this in a moment. People who ignore Jupiter luck and take the wrong fork in the road! People who aren’t listening.

Squirrelling Away and Storing – The Jupiter Cycles

Each Jupiter cycle can be used to ‘squirrel’ away the ‘acorns’ for future use. Storing opportunities and the fruits of abundance on a Jupiter cycle is a very wise idea, because within 12 years, Jupiter will return to the same zodiac sign and area of your chart, to build on what went before.  Jupiter feeds and what it feeds, grows. How will you use the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle in 2019? How are you using the current Jupiter in Scorpio cycle in 2018?

Don’t Be a Jupiter Casualty

Jupiter gives you the acorn and the rain, and the soil. You either need to clean the soil if it is polluted, or if you have looked after the ground (prepared the ground) you just need to dig. Don’t be a Jupiter casualty! By that, I mean, you don’t garden. People who do not garden – do the work – even see the acorn – tend to miss out.

I sometimes heard from readers who say they had Jupiter in Scorpio but they didn’t make or save any money. Then they tell you that the business offer wasn’t what they wanted, so they ignored it – or that they don’t have time to follow up on that new banking opportunity they saw in their e-mail tray. They may not even appreciate the fact that they were just given a bargain-basement rental thanks to a family member (saving thousands every year) or that the man who wants to date them has a holiday home for them to share. See what I mean? Not listening to the rustle in the trees means you can miss out.

There is a saying ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth.’ Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the centaur, and we associate this planet and sign with horses. When one gallops towards you, don’t inspect it, critically. Know a gift when you see one!

The illustration at the top of this story about Jupiter is  from Princeton University Art Museum and is by Peter Paul Rubens: Cupid Supplicating Jupiter. Other images, Pinterest, Wikimedia Commons.

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