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Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, optimism and solutions, will form a rare conjunction with Neptune, the planet of escapism, release, relief and holidays from reality, on April 9th through 12th, 2022. This is fantastic news for all of us, and depending on your zodiac sign, your usual horoscope will reveal where the breakthroughs take place. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 lift you up where you belong. We’ve not seen this cycle since 1856. Make the most of it.

How Your Horoscope is Affected

AQUARIUS – It’s about your money, possessions, house, business, apartment.

ARIES – It’s about your secrets, the mysteries you keep and all uncredited effort.

CANCER – It’s about travel and also travel in the mind – so the web or books.

CAPRICORN – It’s about your voice across all mediums (like the internet) and all media.

GEMINI – It’s about your ambition, mission and position – status and success.

LEO – It’s about deadly serious or seriously seductive financial, property or business relationships.

LIBRA – It’s about your body, mind and spirit relationship and your daily workload.

PISCES – It’s about your image, profile, personal appearance, reputation and package.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s about your house, family, hometown, homeland, apartment, flat mate.

SCORPIO – It’s about serious sexual partners, babies, children, young adults or youth.

TAURUS – It’s about your friendships and groups of all kinds from clubs to teams.

VIRGO – It’s about your former, current or potential partner and any duels, as well as duets.

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Do You Have 23 Degree Horoscope Factors?

The conjunction takes place at 23 Pisces. If you have anything at all at 23 degrees of the zodiac signs, this is an unusual time of expansion, big answers and an alternative to the real world. Jupiter is luck, good fortune, expansion, hope and growth. Neptune is an escape from the real world. Put them together in the same sign and you have ‘the big real dream.’

What is really striking about April 2022 is that on the weekend of Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April, we also find the North Node at 23 Taurus and South Node at 23 Scorpio. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are working with other factors too.

Let’s look at that again:

  • Jupiter 23 Pisces
  • Neptune 23 Pisces
  • North Node 23 Taurus
  • South Node 23 Scorpio

The ‘what’ of the story depends on what you have at 23 degrees, in which zodiac sign and house. That tells you the area of your life where you will benefit.

So, for example, if you have Venus at 23 Gemini in the Third House of media, the internet and publishing, this is a two-way project, or paired venture (Venus) about radio, television, books or the worldwide web. It is probably sexual in nature, so you two are having a relationship and a project.

Whatever you have at 23 degrees will be ripe for take-off or problem-solving in April 2022. We can see that pattern in the charts for the United Nations, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. April 2022 is a global turning point.


Which horoscope factor is it?

The factor you have at 23 degrees, below, shows you which part of your horoscope will be triggered as Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 make their mark.

  • THE SUN – How you shine, glow in the dark, gain attention, receive judgement, find feedback and experience the spotlight.
  • THE MOON – How you need to be needed. How you ‘mother’ other people or animals, no matter if you are a man or woman.
  • MERCURY – How you communicate. How you use the internet. That part of your personality which is a writer/speaker.
  • VENUS – How you run sexual relationships. How you feel about your children and in-laws. Your vanity and desirability.
  • CUPIDO – How you stir up desire but also succumb to it. That part of you which falls in love with people, places, ideas.
  • PSYCHE – How you survive tests and trials. The rewards are something about yourself that lives forever – that never dies.
  • MARS – How you compete, fight, assert yourself, go all-out to win, come first, attack, respond to emergency, stress and heat.
  • VULCANUS/VULCANO – How you gain power by willpower – controlling your emotions and impulses with a will of iron.
  • JUPITER – How you give back. How you are generous with others. How you use your good fortune by fixing others’ lives.
  • JUNO – That part of your personality which wants to commit. Your desire to lock up agreements in exchange for security.
  • FORTUNA – How you blindly spin the wheel of fate and fortune for other people. How you unconsciously affect their lives.
  • MINERVA – The wise part of yourself. That part of your personality which counsels, advises and knows the best answers.
  • DIANA – A fiercely free and independent part of yourself which dislikes commitment and demands space and autonomy.
  • BACCHUS – The pleasure-seeking and pleasure-generating part of your personality which sees life as one big, long banquet.
  • APOLLO – Your inner leader! The part of you which mentors, guides and inspires others. Your inner superstar multi-tasker.
  • CHIRON – Your inner maverick. How you bend the rules to see if you can change them. How you get away with it all.
  • AESCULAPIA/AESCULAPIUS – That part of your personality which revives, resurrects and brings it back from the brink.
  • PANACEA – You can fix, repair, heal and resolve situations, people or ‘things’ by using your Panacea – but is it also ethical?
  • HYGEIA – The safety and security conscious part of you which protects the future by insuring against risk or problems.
  • SATURN – The scared part of you which self-sabotages in order to feel ‘safe’ – is your coping method worse than the threat?
  • OPS – The strong, practical, optimistic, positive part of yourself which strives to fix up even the most negative of situations.
  • VESTA – The part of your personality drawn into gender politics with one male/two or more females. Feminism helps you.
  • URANUS – How you trigger rebellion or revolution by rejecting what you create, produce or invent – your ‘whoops creation.’
  • NEPTUNE – How you escape from the so-called real world by losing yourself in an alternative reality without boundaries.
  • SALACIA – Your ability to comfortably co-exist in two different parallel universes, or alternative realities. How you escape.
  • PLUTO – Your dominating side which changes the balance of power for yourself and others. Your passionate, powerful self.
  • CERES – How you do (and do not) cope with enforced compromises over control and power. How you learn to share.
  • PROSERPINA – Your inner go-between. How you keep both sides happy. How you connect two powerful people/entities.
  • ASCENDANT (RISING SIGN) – How you project a particular reputation or image, for better or worse, getting it right or not.
  • DESCENDANT (DC) – That part of your personality which is mirrored in your partner, but strangely also your enemy too.
  • MIDHEAVEN (MC) – Your highest spiritual achievement. Your mountain top. It may or may not be related to your career.
  • IMMUM COELI (IC) – Where you come from. A dominant theme in your family tree, culture, country, town that repeats.
  • NORTH NODE – That part of you which has reincarnated to watch particular life stories repeated, from a distance.
  • SOUTH NODE – That part of you which has reincarnated to repeat particular life stories in order to learn detachment.

Jupiter and Neptune 600x289 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Once in a Lifetime – Jupiter and Neptune

This can only happen once in your life. You’ve simply not seen lucky Jupiter, Neptune, the North and South Node of karma, all line up at 23 degrees, in these signs. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 in Pisces are about escaping the all-too real world.

Two of the signs involved here rule money (Taurus and Scorpio) so this looks like a ripple effect from something bigger, economically, on April 9th and 10th, 2022. Money changes everything, even at a distance. Even if you are only indirectly affected.

Now, let’s see what it means for the world as Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 take effect.

The Big Global Gains on April 9th and 10th, 2022

As we see these rare transits of Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and South Node at 23 degrees, who and what gains, financially, worldwide?

Who and what gains, in terms of the property market? Taurus rules the economy, Cancer rules house prices and Scorpio rules the share markets.

All these countries below are going to see boosts to the economy and property market, or within politics in April 2022.

  • The United Kingdom (Glorious Revolution Chart) Chiron 23 Taurus, Pluto 23 Cancer
  • The United Kingdom (House of Commons Chart) Mars 23 Taurus
  • The United Kingdom (Unification Chart) Sun 23 Cancer
  • Australia (26th January Chart) Mercury 23 Capricorn
  • United States of America (Lexington Chart) Venus 23 Taurus
  • Saudi Arabia Pluto 23 Cancer
  • South Africa (Mandela Chart) MC 23 Taurus
  • The United Nations Mars 23 Cancer
  • Iraq (Independence Chart) Pluto 23 Cancer
  • France (Vichy Republic Chart) Uranus 23 Taurus
  • Israel Sun 23 Taurus

There are billions of people (whole generations) born with factors at 23 Scorpio, the sign ruling sex, death and money. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 are in Pisces at 23, so form a trine.

Money Laundering Arrests / Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Busts

This is about marriage and finance (‘Until death do us part, for richer for poorer’) and it is also about the nastier side of Scorpio: prostitution, pornography and money laundering.

This rare line-up around 23 Scorpio will offer us the potential to break free from stifling laws and rules on marriage, but also the global money laundering (dirty money) racket built on sex.

A massive chain of global arrests will shut down sex trafficking, child abuse, pornography and prostitution rings which are covers for money laundering, in April 2022 as Jupiter and Neptune take hold.

The Times Bill Clinton Chelsea Clinton Ghislaine Maxwell 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022  princeandrewjeffreyepstein lede 1300x868 1 600x401 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022   The Guardian Maxwell Trump - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Maxwell, Epstein, Clinton, Trump and Andrew in April 2022

As I write this on March 22nd, 2021 (so I am looking about a year into the future), Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison in New York. Where will the reports about Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and allegations of ‘teenage sex slavery’ end up?

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to be tried in July 2021, so let’s see what that means with Jupiter and Neptune in 2022.

Where will we end up with the saga of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew on April 9th and 10th 2022?

This is about the money. The Taurus 23 and Scorpio 23 patterns point to a family legacy and a rich inheritance. This is about one or more dynasties and of course the Trumps, Maxwells and Clintons are all that – as is the House of Windsor. Follow the money. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are sacred. They trine Scorpio across billions of personal charts. Scorpio is sex.

We can expect a return to sacred sex. To the spiritual side of sexuality. By April 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune form that perfect conjunction, we will have seen a tremendous wave of change, removing sex from money (the pornography industry) and the merely physical – into a far more sacred, special and spiritual realm. In Australia, Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame have become lightning rods for what women want. And demand.

grace tame brittany higgins 600x338 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Politics, Sex and Women

Following the triumph of Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins in March 2021, above, we see one woman dominate Australia as the nation finally sees a transformation in politics which puts women first by April 2022. That’s what you get when Jupiter and Neptune both trine the Cancer (family) and Scorpio (sexuality) angles of the chart.

One female powerhouse pushes through in Australia. Globally a lot of wrongs will be righted on the Jupiter and Neptune trines. Yet, this is global. You might call it the next stage on from Me Too. 


greg rakozy oMpAz DN 9I unsplash 600x400 - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

Watching Jupiter and Neptune 2021-2022

In Pisces, the sign which rules religion, dreams, sleep, Tarot, psychics, therapy, psychology, parallel universes, Reiki, healing and all alternative realities – from May 2021 to December 2022, you can expect a boom. What was on the fringes will go mainstream. New innovations and technology will help areas like sleep science, but also meditation. We’re going to see a tremendous new interest in E.S.P. which tends to go in fashionable cycles. What we knew about Uri Geller in the Seventies and from television mediums like John Edward more recently – goes to another level as Jupiter and Neptune transit Pisces.

Building the 23 Degree Story

April 2022 is built in slow stages and every time you see transits at 23 degrees, everything moves forward for you.

Once the Jupiter in Pisces cycle begins on May 14th, 2021, the first ‘bump’ to help you, is Mars at 23 Cancer on Tuesday June 1st, 2021, trine Neptune at 23 Pisces, on the same day. Really use this cycle to plant and grow. Just remember that the planetary action is in Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio so earth and water sign placements in particular gain from that. What do you have in your chart in earth or water?

Jupiter at 23 Aquarius

If you are looking for good dates to use, in this historic cycle,  you would also be tracking Jupiter at 23 Aquarius, which happens September 16th to 28th, 2021. Anything at 22, 23, 24 in your chart or the charts of those around you is massaged beautifully into life. Even in square or opposition, Jupiter benefits you. 

Jupiter is then at 23 Aquarius again from the 8th to the 19th of November 2021. The Sun is at 23 Scorpio on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, so that date is significant.

No matter if your personal birth chart is triggered, or you are just watching your country (or your Sun Sign), the Jupiter-Neptune 2022 Effect is huge. The last time we saw it in Pisces in 1856, public spaces become meditative escapes. Fountains covered Europe and broad parks with rivers ruled. The architecture of the great cities which we admire today reminds us of the cycle we are going into now. 


change your luck jupiter in pisces with jessica adams - Jupiter and Neptune in 2022

The Conscious Cafe and Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces

The dates to watch for starting and then rolling with goals, are May 14th 2021 until December 20th 2022, as we discussed at The Conscious Cafe hosted by Gina Lazenby and Judy Piatkus, in Britain. 

We peak with a conjunction on April 9th to 12th, 2022 and we see an incredible run of dates on April 9th, 10th with the North Node at 23 Taurus (banking and business finance), South Node at 23 Scorpio (sexual relationships and finance/property), Neptune at 23 Pisces (spirituality, religion and the psychic world) and Jupiter also at 23 Pisces. This looks and feels like our inner lives – our souls and spirits – aligning with a big economic shift. You’d have to expect the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church to look at its finances then. We all gain. This is the religious and the material, taking off together.

1856 is 2021-2022

What we saw in 1856, is coming back. There were Opium Wars in 1856 but we’ll see the focus on opium now, without the wars. The opium poppy, morphine industry will be centre-stage, perhaps because of the continuing pandemic. In the year 1856 Haussmann transformed Paris with his redesign. Paris will be reshaped by 2022. Bigger, greener, with more water features, a cleaner re-imagined Seine and light and air. Back in 1856 it happened because of cholera. Until 2022, it is the pandemic. Paris became a gigantic meditative and religious space in 1856. Very Pisces.

William Morris, in Britain, commissioned his famous Red House on the last Neptune-Jupiter in Pisces transit. A wishing well was a central feature. He wanted, again, a huge meditative space with all the spirituality of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood inside. He created garden rooms. That trend in architecture is returning by 2022, partly because of the trines from Jupiter and Neptune to the Cancer (property, town planning) angles on so many charts.

The year 1856 saw a boom in spiritualism and mediumship with influential books by Alan Kardec and others. That is also coming back. In 1856 cholera deaths triggered a need to know that loved ones had passed safely into spirit and could be contacted. By 2022 it is of course the pandemic. At the Conscious Cafe, I was asked if the veil would lift. Yes, I think that is right. More of us will have contact with the other side – and we’ll find spirit using (among other things) iPhones.

What else is coming back? Well, the angles from Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces to Scorpio (sexuality) are as potent by 2022 as they were in 1856. Back then, the relaxed crinoline appeared which gave women far more freedom below the waist. In every sense of the word. We also saw the first reliable condom in 1856 made with vulcanised rubber. Who knows what life will bring by 2022.

Challenging Reality, Science and Time
Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces were there when Big Ben was launched. The world’s least reliable clock. Snow stops the time. Heat stops the time. Birds sitting on the minute hand, have sent the time out over London by about four minutes. Big Ben is an amusing example of ‘no reality/alternative reality’ as the delay on analogue radio, means that some Londoners hear Big Ben chime 13 times on New Year’s Eve. They hear the time in two separate realities, one on radio, one through the window.

More seriously we can expect quantum mechanics and physics in general to advance our understanding of alternative realities, the multiverse, parallel universes and so on – and time itself – as Jupiter and Neptune meet again in Pisces.

May 2021-April 2022 and You

From the first arrival of Jupiter in Pisces until the peak transits of April 2022 it is time to embrace what is going to take off.

*New sleep, sleep science and dream research and interpretation
*Religion and spirituality
*The psychic world of mediumship, Tarot, automatic writing, channelling and apports.
*The psyche, soul, spirit and the world of Carl Jung and Freud – the unconscious.

Remember that the Pisces weather makes stunning trines to Scorpio (sexuality) and Cancer (homes, home towns) so those are two more areas to really work – astrology being a practical business which rewards you, when you use the cycle.

Images Courtesy of Unplash.com and Pinterest.

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