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How do you stop COVID-19 in India, which has 450 people per square kilometre? The virus is spread through the air. How can social distancing work in India?

India’s neighbour Bhutan recently used astrology to organise one of the world’s most successful COVID-19 vaccinations. Could the India astrology patterns now, help us minimise the coming crisis of August and October 2022?

Vedic Astrology and Indian ‘Birth’ Charts

There are many experienced Vedic astrologers including my friend Sonal Sachdeva who use their own Indian system of ancient stargazing. India herself has two more charts; one set for the Indian Empire on 1st January 1877 at 00.00  in Delhi and another for independence on 15th August 1947 at 00.00 in Delhi. The only chart showing the 2020-2021 pandemic is set for 26th January 1950 at 10.15am – some eyewitnesses use 10.18am.

The Recession of August and October 2022

One look at this astrology chart for India and I can see that India will have a recession in August and October 2022. This particular India astrology chart is set for 26th January 1950 at 10.18am in Delhi below.

Astrology is about knowing in advance how to minimise that recession. Later on in this feature I will look at why India should commit to electric cars, bicycles and motorbikes to do that. Why? Well, Uranus (the revolution) is in Gemini (commuting) from 2026. But let’s start with the chart. And it’s time for India to think local, not global. And to think about education and particularly language education. All these are Gemini aspects of life.

An Extreme Astrology Chart for India

The astrology chart for India is extreme. It is set for her modern birth, January 26th 1950, and the beginning of the Republic of India.

The Indian astrology chart (for the modern nation) shows Pluto at 17 Leo. Neptune at 17 Libra. Mercury at 18 Capricorn. Finally, Saturn at 18 Virgo. From this we can see that 2022 will bring the end of marriage and family life as India knew it.

Pluto at 18 Leo in Modi’s natal chart tells you the rest. India’s Grand Cross in 2022 is also his. He will be lucky to survive.

August and October 2022 in India

Leo rules parenthood. Libra rules marriage. There also be will be a severe COVID-19 crisis in August and October 2022, with the possibility of another virus mutation, in addition to the double mutation we are seeing in April 2021.

India has Saturn (tests and trials) in Virgo (public health). She also has responsibility (Saturn) for producing the world’s pharmaceuticals (Virgo) in a time of desperate need for vaccines. But what about India herself? And her people?

The last time we saw anything like this kind of line-up was in China in 1977 when over-population was such an issue that  her One Child Policy had to come in (it did so, in 1978). We are looking a steep decline in the birth rate here (Leo rules children and teenagers) or regulated family size. Watch August and October 2022.

woman in red and white sari dress walking on sidewalk during daytime

How the Grand Cross Leads to the New India

In August and October 2022, India goes through a critical Grand Cross, with the North Node and South Node at 17 and 18 Taurus and Scorpio, and Saturn at 18 Aquarius. The sharp end of the cross is India’s Pluto in Leo. The children of the nation. Remember, Modi’s own chart ties into this, with Pluto in Leo at close or exact degrees.

This is a recession that will affect the whole world. Why? So many other nations have patterns at 17 and 18 degrees too. Like any Grand Cross, though, this will involve a rebirth and restart for India. From this economic world crisis led by India, will come the new planet. The new world economy.

Why the United Kingdom is Hit by India’s 2022 Crisis

Several trading nations are caught up in this Grand Cross in August and October 2022. The United Kingdom is one. New Zealand is another. What does New Zealand import from India? Pharmaceutical products.

  • New Zealand has her Moon at 16 Taurus in the chart set for September 26th, 1907 at 00.00 in Wellington.
  • Neighbouring Pakistan is also tied to trade and business, and economic impact, with India.
  • The Republic of Pakistan has Venus at 17 Taurus in the chart set for 23rd March 1956 at 7.05am in Karachi.
  • Russia is another nation with Taurus and Scorpio (finance) patterns caught up in the Grand Cross. Again, India exports pharmaceuticals to Russia. Singapore is a major investor and trade partner in India. She has Neptune at 17 Scorpio  in the chart set for 9th August 1965 at 4.15pm in Singapore.

The United Kingdom Act of Union chart set for January 1st, 1801 at 00.00 Westminster reveals Neptune at 18 Scorpio. In April 2021, PM Boris Johnson wants a 2021 trade deal based on the export of British cars. A leaked Government document indicates India is likely to use the talks to try to secure greater access to UK visas for university students and workers.

So will Boris Johnson get his £50 billion Brexit trade deal with India by April 2022? This looks like a crisis for the UK too. Neptune in Scorpio hit by India’s Grand Cross in Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus is a bubble bursting.

Pluto in Leo and Durga

The goddess Durga and her lion is shown by Pluto in Leo in the India horoscope. In fact, YouTube is full of programs showing the famous, all-powerful mother goddess of the nation. Indira Gandhi was identified with Durga. Seeing Pluto in Leo in the Indian horoscope under the severe challenge of a Grand Cross in August and October 2022 suggests a crisis for the Nehru–Gandhi Family from which Indira hailed. The family itself is very Leo in nature. Indian royalty. Here she is on YouTube.

The Nehru-Gandhi Family and Pluto in Leo

The Guardian wrote in 2007, “The Nehru brand has no peer in the world — a member of the family has been in charge of India for 40 of the 60 years since independence. The allure of India’s first family blends the right to rule of  British monarchy with the tragic glamour of America’s Kennedy clan.

Will it be the 2021 double mutant variant of COVID-19 in India that calls for the dynasty, or just the massive political fall-out? Thanks to my friend Lakshmi on Twitter for introducing me to Durga, with whom Indira Gandhi was identified. Pluto in Leo.

The Grand Cross in the India Horoscope

This is the first time in her modern history that India has gone through a Grand Cross, of this particular type, in the Fixed Signs. This country will never be the same again. The Fixed Signs are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

The Fixed Grand Cross of 2022 is also about a tug-of-war in the global and international economy, thanks to the focus on the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio. (Chart: Astrodienst).

The End of Family as India Knows It

1.3 billion people in India, according to the BBC, have about 4-5 people in any family, often in a two-room home. The nation travels by train. It has a crowded religious festival culture. That’s a COVID-19 disaster waiting to happen (where everything depends on social distancing), and in Delhi right now – it is happening.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to stop the crisis. The cremations are on the streets.

Destiny in India’s Hands

These transits at 17, 18 degrees in the Indian horoscope, do not stop in 2022.  A radically different destiny is in India’s hands.

These cycles at 17, 18 degrees stretching into the future from the critical year of 2022, hit the India chart repeatedly in signs related to fertility, pregnancy and parenthood (Leo) and marriage (Libra). Sexuality and the family dynasty are Leo matters. Most Indian men do not take responsibility for birth control. That’s going to change. The Grand Cross involving Durga (Pluto in Leo; the Gandhi-esque mother goddess in the dynasty) suggests everything from abortion to condoms will be in the debate.

closeup photo of person holding color soils

New Prime Minister, New Nation

The patterns showing the radical shift in India also bring in the old and new Prime Minister to come (Capricorn) and also India’s production of medication for the world (Virgo, again). Modi’s Pluto in Leo (his power and control of younger voters) is in the crossfire of that critical Grand Cross. Young India. The children and teenagers. The Millennials. Modi struggles to survive the year 2022.

Yet, this isn’t just about India. We’re all affected. How big this new economic crisis becomes, depends on what WHO and the UN do in April 2021. Yet, the world should brace itself for a new, India-led downturn in 2022 in August and October.

Solutions for India – Singapore’s COVID-19 Filter Plants

When you see a long cycle like Uranus (revolution, new inventions, radical changes) in Taurus (plants, trees, flowers) until 2026 and you also see a country like India with a big earth sign signature (agriculture and gardens) – you can guess where change will come. As The Straits Times reports, Professor Loh Xian Jun in Singapore is leading the way in April 2019.

India and the Electric Plants

Amazingly, plants fitted with electrical devices can reduce aerosol particles in a room from 4000 per cubic centimetre to just 100 per cubic centimetre in six minutes. We all know COVID-19 is airborne. In April 2021 this is looking like a possible new wave of growth for India by 2026; Singapore is a near-neighbour. Uranus has long ruled electricity. Taurus rules plants. From an astrological point of view, Professor Loh Xian Jun’s work looks like the future – along with other COVID-19 deterrents.

The End of Petrol

What is coming in 2022 and beyond, because of the crisis shown in the India horoscope, is the end of petrol (refined petroleum) and jet fuel, as the supply chain will be hit from Delhi to Mumbai.

Electric cars and bicycles are on the rise, anyway, so India’s export of cars could be turned into an alternative transport boom –  – but what about the fact that India also exports medication ingredients? And produces vaccines? India’s problem is the world’s problem in August and October 2022.

The Repeat of the 1991 Economic Crisis

The issue for India, as you can see in the horoscope,  is her chart patterns at 17, 18 degrees. She was hit by Pluto at 17, 18 Scorpio and the North Node at 17, 18 Capricorn and South Node at 17, 18 Cancer back in 1991. Her big economic crisis.

That 1991 crisis radically changed the Indian economy forever. So will the year 2022. Here’s how –

One-Child Legislation

One-child legislation is coming to India from 2022.  This will also accompany a steep drop in the birth rate of India. The nation is slowly moving up to a Pluto-Pluto opposition, in Leo. That is the end of dynastic thinking. It is also a natural decline in the number of children being born. A Pluto-Pluto opposition from Aquarius to Leo (childbirth) is extremely rare. It’s coming.

India Set For a Revolution

Expect revolution in the air  in India and the risk of riots on the 1st and 2nd of August 2022. There will be a second crisis in October and if Modi has not been either utterly transformed politically, defeated or even taken off the political stage by then, he soon will be. It’s hard to see how he can get through that Grand Cross.

The Twenties Revolution

India continues the revolution for years to come, because there is no ‘silver bullet’ vaccine to magically get rid of the ever-mutating COVID-19. I told The Daily Mail that in October 2020.

From the year 2026, when Uranus goes into Gemini (local thinking) India will split into new territories with closed borders, quarantine and local economies. Her train system will transform. Her relationship with Pakistan will change. Her part in globalisation is already finished by January 2022, but from 2026 ‘the new local’ is everything.

Sari Face Masks and Demolition

This India horoscope is about to explode. On a psychic level, I am seeing sari face-masks and millions of walls being knocked down in apartments to create new homes – one apartment where two used to be. I’m certainly seeing ‘electric plants’ currently being explored in Singapore.

In India in 2022 ,we are  going to see literal deconstruction and reconstruction.  What are you seeing, Indian friends, and friends of India? Are you also seeing, like me, the rise of a young Indian female politician who once and for all, ends the low 14% representation of female MPs?


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