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Financial Astrology 2021

It seems a bit late in the year to be looking at financial astrology, as I write this on Tuesday 21st September, but my friends Olga Morales and Kate Silas, who both specialise in economic horoscopes, on Twitter, alerted me to some key sharemarket dates in October, November and December. They watch Wall Street, Bitcoin and the rest for their readers and clients, so have an intriguing view of astrology.

Olga singled out 7th, 11th and 18th October. Now, financial astrology is not my special subject, but I do look at broad global predictions all the time – and the money signs, Scorpio and Taurus are ringing bells in 2021 and particularly 2022.

2023-2029 Set Up in 2021

What I am seeing in the long-term future is a welcome period of solutions, breakthroughs and for you (perhaps) some solid rewards. If you have Cancer factors in the Fourth House of your natal chart, which rules property, and particularly if you have Taurus or Scorpio factors too – then the years 2023 to 2029 are very special. I have posted a long feature on this elsewhere on this website. And it is clear that in the smallest way, the final quarter of 2021 has its part to pay in the potential (rich potential) of 2023-2029. Do read this if your chart shows Cancer factors.

Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

American War Karma is Coming

I’ll go into this more in a moment, but the North Node and South Node in Taurus and Scorpio (the economy signs) will rotate and repeat, from January 2022. They will eventually reach their wartime positions, in reverse. This triggers the American astrology chart and we are going to see karmic settlement from the 1940s by 2023.

American war karma of $4 trillion (that is what it cost the country by the end) and the current 2021 $3.5 trillion package proposed by President Biden are an almost exact match. The debate in September 2021 is ongoing about the exact amount, but the two amounts are fascinating. There is no evidence at all Biden uses astrology, nor Pelosi either, but they just happen to have hit upon a meaningful number.

Will this affect you personally, even if you live as far away as New Zealand? Yes. The American chart is tied into so many other national charts. If you are strongly Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio then it will have an impact. For example, your clients or customers may be American, even if you run your business from London.

Astrology, Money, Property and You

Of course no astrologer, including me, should tell you what to do about your money or property without a stack of charts by her side. Just one astrology chart can’t tell the full story (you need the charts of, say, partners in a house or apartment) and in any case – you are your own best judge in the end.

What does work really well with business, charity and property, though, is the combination of the Solar Chart and Natal Chart. Look for the Second House, Fourth House, Eighth House in both and then line up the dates. Finish with a Tarot card, chosen by you – for you. That is something I’ve found since I began my first job as an international astrologer on ELLE magazine, back in my early twenties.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio

In 2022 we have the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, alongside Uranus in Taurus. This is rare. It is also karmic in nature, as I’ve often mentioned.

On 3rd September 1939, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany and the United Kingdom and her allies entered into not just a military fight, but an economic fight as well. Rationing is the first thing most people remember about the last war, which arrived with the Moon at 0 Taurus, Saturn at 0 Taurus, the South Node at 0 Taurus. The North Node was at 0 Scorpio. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 have to factor that in.

You would expect the start of the Second World War to be an astrologically rare event and it was. It takes the South Node and North Node about 19 years to appear in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, It takes Saturn around 29 years to appear in Taurus.

The Spiritual Debts of the War are Back

What made the start of the last war karmic in nature (and I’ll talk more about spiritual debts and credits in a moment) was the exact conjunction of the South Node in Taurus to Saturn, at the same time that the North Node in Scorpio was in exact opposition.

That war was about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany’s land grab. It was also about the Jews and Hitler’s obsession with their role in business and the world economy. Taurus and Scorpio matters.

What made the last war even more unusual was the appearance of Uranus at 21 Taurus, very close to a trine with Neptune at 22 Virgo. This pattern with two slow-moving outer planets, one in the sign of finance (again) and the other in the sign of service, duty and employment shows the mood of the times in 1939.

The shock of rationing and the shutdown of normal sharemarket trading in London, together with the escapism of the Army, the Air Force and the Royal Navy – as well as women’s rush to do their duty on the Home Front – is summed up by that Taurus and Virgo trine. What remains these days is a sense of countries owing, or being owed. Well, a reckoning is coming.

thought catalog gbQ3EsFSdG8 unsplash 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021piotr laskawski 1AIiZzBtymY unsplash 300x199 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

19th January 2022 and the Beginning of Financial Karma

So, there is lots to think about from 1939 as we consider the arrival of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio on 19th January, 2022. They land at 29 Taurus and 29 Scorpio.

Is your natal chart showing factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio? Your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of banking, will both be pulled into this long Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026 and the intense nodal cycle of 2022-2023. If you are a Premium Member your chart will automatically show on this feature, and of course, you can always ask me a question in the Comments section at the end.

These nodes in the money signs are hugely important for Europe, Japan and America in particular in 2022, 2023. I know that 1939 is a long time ago, but we may be seeing war profiteers called to karmic account, in 2022 and 2023.

The nodes will slowly make their way back to 0 Taurus and 0 Scorpio, so the war karma of Germany and the United Kingdom, Poland and other European countries, lands with a bang at the end. July 7th to 17th 2023 finds the North Node at 0 Taurus and South Node at 0 Scorpio, triggering the original position of the nodes back on the day war was declared, 3rd September 1939.

Scorpio, Sex, Money, Trump and Epstein

The core of Scorpio and its long association with sex is the billion-dollar pornography industry online, which uses the youngest possible girls of legal age to make its fortune. Related to that, if we are talking about the potent mixture of sex and money,  is the ballad of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

Make of that what you will, and there are total denials or just silence – everywhere you look. Yet, the astrology is really clear that you don’t get through a chain of Scorpio-Taurus oppositions in 2021-2026 without sudden shocks. We are barely at the start of this cycle and 2022, 2023 looks like a time of reckoning.

Do You Have Factors at 0 Scorpio or Taurus?

There is a reasonable argument for reincarnation here, or past lives. If you have planets (say) at 0 Scorpio or 0 Taurus in your natal chart, then you may be here to examine your values in this lifetime. To deal with charity, business, valuables, retail, property and so on. If so, the month of July 2023 is an historic karmic reckoning for you.

America also has karma in this war and so does Japan. America, principally, because she did not fight alongside the United Kingdom and the allies until after Pearl Harbour.

I am really struck by the similarity of the line-up between September 1939 and July 2023. In July, two years from now as I write this, we will see Uranus at 21 Taurus again.

The skies are different. Jupiter is also in Taurus in July 2023. That is a blessing and it suggests an opportunity for global economic improvement. Jupiter is about abundance, largesse, big acts, huge and sweeping solutions.

icons8 team Ph5 4TnXXYE unsplash 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

America and Karma

Perhaps it is time for America to give back to the United Kingdom. Maybe Germany owes the rest of Europe. Karma is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s not for me to say what the July 2023 payback will be, but it will be immense and tied to the last war.

So what does all this have to do with the final quarter of 2021? Basically, nothing comes from nothing in astrology. You don’t reach the epic economic story of July 2023 without starting somewhere, and we have quite a strong Taurus and Scorpio signal as we go towards October 2021.

Venus at 14 Scorpio moves into an opposition with Uranus at 14 Taurus on September 23rd and 24th, depending on your time zone. That is a little far in advance of Olga Morale’s action dates,  7th, 11th and 18th October, but it is important.

There are billions of people on the planet with factors at 14 Scorpio, because the slow-moving outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all sat on 14 Scorpio for long enough, to trigger many more birth charts than usual, with this placement.

People with Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto in Scorpio have stories about sex, death and money in their charts. Usually marriage and mortgage. Sometimes inheritance or legacy. This pulls in the big-picture items of life – houses, apartments, shares, trust funds, valuables, collectables, life insurance, pensions and superannuation.

What happens on September 23rd and 24th 2021 is a shock, as Uranus always is, and it is a challenge, as an opposition always is. Thus, we might conjecture that an event on the sharemarkets or with Bitcoin has an immediate impact. Uranus in opposition to Venus strikes at the heart of any financial relationship or economic marriage. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 really focus on the Uranus oppositions.

ws4wd vj9m0 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021Bonfire Night on 5th November

As we move through time in the Solar Fire software or the Ephemeris in our hand, we find the Sun entering Scorpio on 24th October. The Moon is there on the 5th and 6th of November, which is significant in the United Kingdom, as the fireworks go off for Bonfire Night. It can be heard and seen, from the old City of London and the corporate heart of the city, across the Thames.

So is this a Bonfire of the Vanities at the Wall Street end of reality? What we are really seeing is the beginning of financial karma in 2022 and 2023, at that point. On 6th November, Mercury enters Scorpio and races through that sign, leaving on the 24th of November. This is a fast and furious period for trading, as Mercury rules merchants, merchandise and the markets.

The kicker in November 2021 is Mars in Scorpio, which lands on Halloween, 31st October. November will see rapid action with big business, the sharemarkets and Prime Ministers and Presidents steering the world economy. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 probably kick off then, on Halloween.

Given the dates in question, Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ Night (Bonfire Night) which pull in 31st October to 5th November 2021, I am honestly wondering if Anonymous and/or the media do not already have something planned for the sharemarkets, for money laundering, for the banks or offshore banking in particular. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 have to be about the mavericks (Bitcoin, Anonymous) as much as the insiders.

November will bring drama with currency. The banks are the big background players in all of this, because you have to wonder where the freedom is coming from, financially, with Uranus in Taurus until 2026. Isn’t it freedom from debt? Freedom from mortgages and personal loans, credit cards and (perhaps) taxation? This is a banking story for us too.

At every point these Scorpio transits meet road blocks from Saturn and Jupiter, in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. So this part of the year looks like an obstacle course.

November Spawned A Monster

Morrissey has this great song, November Spawned a Monster. There is something about the Sun-Uranus opposition on 5th November which suggests that. As it’s Bonfire Night, in memory of Guy Fawkes and other conspirators, you’d have to expect activists against the Conservatives at that point – and perhaps the London Stock Exchange. Guido Fawkes is of course the symbol we associate with Anonymous and their hackers’ masks.

Uranus is the great symbol of rebellion, revolution and radicals, so you’d not be remotely surprised to see the hand of Anonymous affecting the money men, on 5th November 2021.

There is still something larger here, though, which leads us to the economic war karma of 2022 and 2023. (And that necessarily involves the European Union and Brexit).

Watching 14th to 18th November 2021

On 14th November 2021 we have Mercury at 12 Scorpio in opposition to Uranus at 12  Taurus. A few days later we find Mars at 12 Scorpio in opposition to Uranus at 12 Taurus – on the 18th November. Now, that’s an event.

What kind of event? Again, we have to go back to the fact that billions of people have placements at 12 Scorpio, because so many babies were born with the slow-moving outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto at 12 Scorpio, too.

You don’t really get earthquakes in politics, the markets or business without a lot of feet on the ground, and what happens on November 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th 2021 is about billions of us, dealing with economic shock.

It’s all very close to the nodes entering Scorpio and Taurus in January 2022, which is why it is worth paying attention to.

We also have eclipses too, which are important to the financial astrologer Kate Silas. On December 4th  a total solar eclipse falls at 12 Sagittarius. An eclipse always conceals, it never reveals. There is always a cover-up. A blind spot.

Sagittarius of course rules foreign trade and foreign policy. It also rules the airlines – Richard Branson’s Virgin, British Airways, Emirates and so on.

William Lilly 300x262 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

William Lilly and Astrology Rules

It was the astrologer William Lilly, working in the 17th century, who advised other astrologers to be helpful, rather than utter dire warnings with a wagging finger. I photographed his plaque in London just before I left in 2019, ahead of a plague that I could see coming. Lilly was also a plague astrologer, like me.

His words of wisdom resonate with astrologers today. The whole point of what we do is to minimise issues, to keep the challenges small – to act in advance. If there is one piece of advice astrology can give about what is to come, it is to try and reduce debt as much as possible. Do not borrow any more than you have to.

What can we say about Uranus in opposition? It liberates. I mentioned the banks, and also the taxation system, which are usually the two institutions which make us feel most trapped. Debt and tax bills turn the key in the lock for most people.

So, whatever is coming, is challenging, as an opposition always is, but it may mean some people go bankrupt and liberate themselves from debt. They can have the money owed, discharged.

We are living in a pandemic. Death, illness and every State of Emergency or Lockdown, means people cannot pay their rent, their bills, their mortgage, their credit card obligation. That seems very likely in October and November with all that Taurus and Scorpio crossfire. As much as no astrologers like talking about financial hardship, you’re not really going to get through the Scorpio-Taurus weather, without an unusually high number of bankruptcies or government handouts.


The $4 Trillion Spiritual Debt

In fact, this may be the time for a large gesture by President Biden, who is a Sun Scorpio and would be in the spotlight between late October and late November. Or, perhaps it is time for the world to turn upside-down, which it often does with Uranus, and for America to hold out her hands.

All of this leads us into the really important years for the world economy; in fact they are the most important years since the last war. In 2022 and 2023, we will see the wheel of karma turn.

The United States of America spent more than $4 trillion fighting the Second World War. Up against Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan, Americans reached into their pockets repeatedly. Americans today have parents or grandparents who remember the sacrifice. Americans gave.

Repayment from Germany involved labour, machinery and manufacturing, once the war was over. It was not until 2006 that Great Britain finally paid off its war loans to America, putting $83 million back in the kitty. Britain’s awful war debt was in the region of £21 billion.

COVID SINGAPORE 300x152 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021The War on COVID-19

So here we are in a new war – the war against COVID-19. There is also a fair amount of sabre-rattling going on against China by Britain, America and Australia, and their nuclear submarine strategy. 

This diagram, right, is from the Singapore Health Ministry. It shows restaurants opening (business as usual) after a ban. Vaccinated people were allowed into restaurants – and then came a surge in new COVID-19 cases .Look at the graph. Those graphs are human lives. The classic Taurus question of 2022-2023 is about money versus life. The vaccines do not stop the spread of infection. Like Singapore, Israel is heavily vaccinated. They are seeing an all-time high in COVID-19 cases in September 2021. What happens to the 20% who have not had needles? They tend to end up in hospital. Some of them die.

Taurus is really about economics and morality. Ethics and bucks. What we are seeing some politicians do, is use ‘the greatest good, for the greatest number’ or Utilitarianism in their policies. And for them it really is about numbers, not lives. Some people find this repulsive.  I do. How do you put a costing on one human life? Two of my friends are dead from this. My godson lost his father, who was in his early fifties and worked in Hollywood.

One life is priceless to those left behind, and to the person diagnosed and dying, isn’t it? But here, in the age of Uranus in Taurus, just as we saw in the last war, we have politicians hanging price tags on our fellow human beings and doing sums.

The Challenge to Change

Globally, we will see a classic Uranus in Taurus ‘challenge to change’ with our household budget, our apartment or house, shopping habits, paid jobs and so on. From the sweeping revolution at the top of economics, we will all be affected.

On a practical note, given the dates above, you can do some pre-planning. Oppositions are not useful times to start a business, or borrow money, or buy property, or sell valuables. People are at odds with themselves on an opposition. Or, you see conflict. What price, peace of mind?

Jupiter and Neptune 300x145 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021Jupiter in Taurus

We should be optimistic about Jupiter in Taurus up ahead. There are solutions. First of all, though, we have to get through the spiritual debts and soul repayments of the countries caught up in the last war, and those will be paid in dollars, pounds and euros.

We are also seeing a very similar theme to the last war. What price a human life? Many of you, leaving comments on my website, are repelled by the current reaction to COVID-19.

We are seeing politicians whip out their calculators and add up percentages, when vulnerable people have their lives at risk.

There is a stark difference between the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her promise that nobody will be left behind – and the attitude of Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney.

The facts about COVID-19 as given to us by the real-life proof of countries like Israel, shows us that vaccines do not top virus infection or illness. Yet politicians continue to bank on them, even though not everybody will be vaccinated, when business is resumed.

These are dodgy moral areas and grey ethical areas, particularly for the airlines, the tourism and travel industries, as our modern plague is spread by travellers, just as it was spread during The Black Death.

During the last war, people made life-and-death decisions based on money, property – and the bottom line – food.

Rationing, Recycling Are Back in 2022, 2023

Values are ruled by Taurus. Your value system – what you will and will not sell your soul for, who and what you consider to be priceless – will be at the heart of what happens to us in 2022 and 2023.

Some other Taurus concerns, like rationing and recycling – will be central to our lives in 2022 and 2023, just as they were in the Forties. Homegrown food is another Taurus concern, and Dig For Victory and Make Do And Mend will be back.

Do you remember the popularity of KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON a few years ago? This famous wartime poster went viral and ended up on mugs, T-Shirts and stickers. Nobody really knew why. Perhaps we were collectively channelling COVID-19 but most of all, I think we were preparing ourselves for 2022 and 2023, because you and I have seen nothing like this in our adult lives.

Fate is at hand here. It is fated that billions of us have Scorpio factors in our charts, far more than people at other points in history. We have landed on the planet with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio – and we are being taken through a long period of transiting Uranus oppositions to 2026. That is why there is no return to normal, despite what some politicians will tell you. Normal is history. Uranus rules the abnormal.

The other fated factors in our lives, are the return of the nodes to Scorpio and Taurus. Again, billions of people will experience financial karma to be repaid or paid, as their Scorpio factors are triggered – and this is very specifically 2022 and 2023. Between January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023 (July 2023 being the ‘war return’ karma peak) we are set to see a permanent transformation in the money that we use and the things that we buy, and the salary we are paid, for the work that we do.

July 2023 – House and Apartment Prices

There is something about July 2023. Kate Silas (Profit With the Planets) is unusual in financial astrology, because she worked on Wall Street during the Crash. July has also been singled out by her, as the North Node moves from Taurus to Aries then. She’s been looking at 1929, the year of the first crash, and singled out 19th July 2023 as important.

July 7th to 17th 2023 is my date window for world-changing economic events, which pulls in Kate’s date, for different reasons. If we are to see karma from the start of the last war rotate on those dates, in the nodal cycle, then perhaps we need to come back to our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on.

House resting on calculator scaled 1 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021
House resting on calculator concept for mortgage calculator, home finances or saving for a house

The sacrifices they made to defeat Nazi Germany (and many Germans resisted) extracted a huge price. Wartime deprivation was a reality my own father remembers very well. Everyone gave up so much and Britain went into terrible debt. Australia and New Zealand, the ANZACS, put their lives on the line. And how do you price a human life?

You might say, entire generations are now owed. Families are owed. So if we are to see property decline in 2023-2025 as Kate Silas suggests, perhaps the outcome is simple: house and apartment prices plunge and finally become affordable to the descendants of the people who gave so much, from 1939. Young first home-buyers who have been priced out of the market.

Jupiter in Taurus is there in 2023, alongside those karmic node patterns. Jupiter is always ‘best and greatest’ of the planets in astrology. Jupiter Optimus Maximus. If we are to see homes become within reach, at last, for people who have always rented – maybe that is a sure sign of Jupiter at work. I guess it depends if you are a property investor or not. Or a bank.

This is pure conjecture. I am not a financial astrologer. Yet, July 2023 is shouting to us from the future. What do you think? You can find Kate Silas and Olga Morales on Twitter and of course, Comments are open, below.

Images: Jessica Adams, Unsplash: Thought Catalog, Piotr Laskawski, Icons 8, Andre Taissin, Ruthson Zimm

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