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The Queen of Pentacles or Coins says it all. There is a lot of synchronicity with this card. It shouts about the astrology, but also about the real world.

It raises questions about China and also Her Majesty the Queen. The latter was on the throne when Hong Kong went back from Britain to the Chinese. I’ll talk more about China in a moment and ask you to interpret the card that has ‘randomly’ turned up.

First, though, let’s look at the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Her Majesty the Queen, Queen of Coins and Rationing

The above is a great shot of Her Majesty the Queen by Annie Spratt on Unsplash shows our image of her. The old image. This is the monarch we know from the coins and notes around the Commonwealth. That name is really ‘common wealth’ and it is about the economy under the monarchy, but also the idea of ‘common people’ and shared wealth. You also find the word ‘communism’ hidden there.

Her Majesty the Queen is a Sun Taurus. Uranus is in Taurus for the first time in her adult life. The last time she experienced it, was wartime. Rationing.

This ration card from Museums Victoria shows exactly what the reality was, on the last time Uranus was in Taurus. Imagine being rationed at Buckingham Palace. Yet, they were. The Queen’s Head on Currency

The Queen’s head on Commonwealth currency will change for one of two reasons by 2026. Most obviously, she passes the throne on, and we farewell her. A new monarch’s head appears on the coinage.

Less obviously, perhaps, she stays on the throne, but we see the emergence of new currency; perhaps Britcoin, not Bitcoin, which features a new portrait.

What can you see in the Tarot with this Queen of Pentacles (Coins)?

The Queen of Pentacles (Coins)

You are invited to read this card for yourself until 2026. You can stage-direct the action. You can bring in other characters or props. Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur E. Waite created this image, in 1909.

That was an important year for Pamela’s work in stage-set design, but also in modern scientific thinking about reality. The fact is, you select your reality, by measuring it. Tarot is a measurement. You pick one card. Or six. Or twelve. In doing that, you pick out one reality and walk into it.

Now that you have walked into the Queen of Coins until 2026 with me and everyone else reading this, what do you see?

Year of the Ox and Taurus the Bull – China and Uranus in Taurus

China is on everybody’s mind in 2021 and will be there until 2026. China is where COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan. In Eastern astrology, it’s Year of the Ox in 2021. The Asian version of Taurus the Bull, perhaps.

We have a few charts for China:

  • In the January 1st, 1912 chart we find Saturn at 13 Taurus, the Moon at 21 Taurus and Mars at 24 Taurus.
  • In the chart set for September 21st, 1949 (China has many incarnations) she has nothing in Taurus at all.
  • In the Communist China chart set for October 1st, 1949 she has (again) nothing in Taurus.
  • In the final chart set for Nationalist China on December 25th, 1947, we find the Moon at 19 Taurus.

Which Chart for China?

In a moment, I will ask you to read the Queen of Coins with one eye on China. We can test which chart works most accurately these days, by looking at the date that the first Chinese person died from COVID-19. That is historic and tragic –January 10th, 2020.

What did it mean? A crisis for the Chinese people; also, the beginning of strained relations with the rest of the world. We would be aiming to find problems with Virgo/Sixth House in the Chinese chart, which rules public health. We would be angling for problems with Sagittarius/Ninth House in any Chinese chart, to judge accuracy. It rules foreign relations.

COVID-19 is rare; unusual; history-making. We would be looking for transits that can only occur in decades or centuries. So that narrows down our choice for ‘the’ Chinese chart.

China Born on January 1st, 1912 – The first chart fits the bill. This is set for the inauguration of Sun Yat-sen in Nanking, when the Republic of China was created (all data for China: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).

On the day the first man died from what was being called ‘the Wuhan virus’ at the time, Pluto was at 22 Capricorn, opposite Neptune at 22 Cancer. That can only happen about every quarter-century.

Rare Historic Transits

Saturn was at 21 and 24 Aquarius, square China’s Moon at 21 Taurus and Mars at 24 Taurus. That can only happen every 29 years.

The North Node was at 8 Cancer opposite China’s Sun at 9 Capricorn, only one degree away. That can only happen every 19 years.

All these wheels turning together can only reach this unusual position, very rarely. And COVID-19 is rare. This chart shows it. I’ve used other charts for China in the past, but for the purposes of the Tarot, this one sings.

What Can You Predict for China? Using Tarot Symbolism

Using the Queen of Coins card and looking at the future of China until 2026, what can you see? The Chinese are very interested in my psychic astrology predictions as you may have seen on YouTube.

The Queen of Coins is wearing Communist China’s trademark colour: red. The throne has Capricorn the goat embedded in the masonry.

China is a Sun Capricorn, born with the Sun at 9 degrees of that sign. She also has Uranus at 28 Capricorn, quincunx Pluto at 27 Gemini. That is Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

Incredibly, China was born with a T-Square. The North Node at 28 Aries and South Node at 28 Libra.

Using Astrology and Tarot – My Prediction for China to 2026

Only by using astrology and Tarot together do you really get full mileage from Pamela and Arthur’s famous deck, the Smith-Waite. This card will talk to you, if you think about the Chinese patterns, but also the transits ahead.

The transit of Uranus (shock, revolution, radical change) to 28 Taurus on Saturday, May 31st, 2025 until Tuesday, May 17th, 2026 – a fortnight later brings upheaval to China.

There will be rebellion in the ranks of leadership then, but also rebellion on the streets. A huge economic shock is coming to China in May 2025 and it will unfold like an electrical storm, perhaps with real storms, that month.

Going back to the Tarot card, we see the Queen of Coins with Capricorn embedded in the throne. Well, Uranus at 28 Capricorn in the Chinese chart will be in a trine from transiting Uranus at 28 Taurus. At the same time, transiting Uranus (the lightning bolt from the blue) will aspect the North Node at 28 Aries and South Node at 28 Libra. That is war karma. Aries rules all battles. Libra rules duels, as well as duets.

Big Shock, Karmic Revolution

This sounds like karma from the Taiping Rebellion. The Taiping Civil War or Taiping Rebellion of 1850-1864. It left some 20-30 million dead. This also sounds like karma from the Opium Wars. Thus, the United Kingdom is drawn into the story.

Uranus is also aspecting the North Node and South Node of karma, so there is something fated about what is to come. It pulls in the troubled history of China with opium, and the old civil war.

Ceres at 4 Aries in transit, is perfectly trine Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius, so China’s foreign relations work for her, then. Perhaps this is a foreign country intervening in Chinese affairs, with the support of some of her people.

The situation peaks in intensity before May 28th to 31st, 2025 as we have a Full Moon at 22 Scorpio on Monday the 12th of May, which is in exact aspect to Neptune at 22 Cancer in the China chart. That is about her families, property, real estate and land.

Eruption in Land and Online

You can see the Chinese mountain landscape in the Tarot card, Queen of Coins (Pentacles). It looks volcanic. Uranus is associated with the escape of lightning and Pluto is very much associated with earthquakes. Pluto at 27 Gemini in the China chart is hit by Jupiter at 27 Gemini. That is big.

It is volcanic, so we might expect land eruption to coincide with media and internet eruption.

Working with astrology and the Tarot, and synchronicity can give you a far richer and more detailed reading than anything else. Just one card will do it. Now, over to you.

Specific Dates in 2025

Jupiter goes to 27 Gemini in 2025, in conjunction with Pluto at 27 Gemini in the Chinese chart. This takes place on 28th to 31st of May 2025, which narrows it down.

On the same dates, Wednesday, May 28th, 2025 until Saturday, May 31st – a few days later, we find Neptune at 1 Aries trine Ceres at 1 Leo in the China chart. That is about the next generation rising up.

Uranus at 28 Taurus is perfectly trine natal Uranus at 28 Capricorn, which is the economic lightning bolt that creates the revolution. I would be amazed if this was not digital currency.



All Images Courtesy of Unsplash.com.

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